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Polyakova Iryna Oleksiivna

ZNU Professors Faculty of Biology Landscape industry and genetics department

associate professor of the department, PhD of Biology, specialty "Genetics", senior researcher


  • Pedology
  • Selection of ornamental plants
  • Basis of mutagenesis
  • Theoretical foundations of selection
  • Genetic transformation of plants and animals


Polyakova Iryna Aleksievna was born in 1966. Candidate of Biological Sciences in specialty 03.00.15 - Genetics. Graduated from the Moscow Agricultural Academy. K.A. Timiryazev in 1989.

The theme of the dissertation is "Hereditary variability in flaxen oil, induced by gamma rays" (supervisor of the doctor's degree, professor Lyakh VO). The thesis is defended in the specialized scientific council D26.212.01 at the Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Senior Researcher on specialty 03.00.15 - Genetics.

Scientific work

Scientific interests: genetics of oilseeds; Genetic resources of oilseeds; Plant selection; Ecology of plants and soil.

Under her supervision in 2013 A candidate's dissertation on the topic "Identification of selection and collection material of flaxseed oil using electrophoresis of spare protein seeds" was defended.

She has more than 100 printed works, among which the monograph "Induced mutagenesis of oil crops" with co-authorship.

She is the author of 4 varieties of flaxen oil (Golden, Kivik, Vodograi, Svetozir) and 2 varieties of flaxen flower (Foam, Freshman).

She received the patent "Method for estimating and predicting plant productivity" and patents for a useful model of electrophoresis of flaxseed protein and a method for determining the morphology of plant plasticizer.

She has 8 certificates of registration of samples of the gene pool of plants, issued by the National Center for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine.

She has prepared and published 8 methodical guedes for students of the biological faculty of different specialties.

She is a member of the Zaporozhye branch of the Ukrainian Society of Genetics and Breeders and the Ukrainian Society of Plant Physiologists.

Fruitful scientific and teaching work is marked by certificates.

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Polyakova Iryna Oleksiivna