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Yarantseva Victoria Vasulivna

ZNU Professors Faculty of Biology Landscape industry and genetics department

assistant of the department, vice-dean for students affairs


  • Physiology and biochemistry of plants
  • Forest phytopatology
  • Geodesy
  • Forest and rural building
  • Forest selection


Yarantseva Victoria was born in 1991. Senior laboratory assistant, assistant lecturer of the department of landscape gardening and genetics.

In 2008, she graduated from the Orihiv gymnasium No.1 "Suzirya" with a gold medal and entered the biological faculty of ZNU. In 2012 she took part in the All-Ukrainian competition of student's scientific works in the direction of "Biological Sciences" and received a diploma I degree. In 2013, she graduated with honors from the Faculty of Biology and received the qualification "Master of Biology. Teacher of Biology ». In the same year she entered the postgraduate study program in specialty 03.00.16 "Ecology" (supervisor of the doctor's degree, professor VO Lyakh). Since 2014, she works at the department as a senior laboratory assistant and a part-time assistant. Since 2017 she works as a lecture assistant and vice-dean of the biological faculty for students affairs.

Scientific work

Today she continues to work on the dissertation "Morphology and pigment composition of chloroplasts of green and chlorophyll-deficient oil flax plants". She has more than 20 publications and two patents. Teaches "Biology" for students of preparatory courses in the department of pre-university training, vocational guidance and employment of ZNU.

She is a member of the Ukrainian Society of Plant Physiologists.

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Інформація надана біологічним факультетом

Yarantseva Victoria Vasulivna