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Tetyana Ivanyukha

ZNU Professors Faculty of Journalism Department of Communication Theory, Advertising and Public Relations

PhD, Associate Professor.

Main courses

  • History of World Journalism
  • International Journalism
  • International Issues in Ukrainian Media
  • Global Television
  • Organized round tables and meetings for ZNU students with British, American and Ukrainian journalists and activists.


In 1998 received her Specialist Degree with Honours in English and Ukrainian Languages and Literatures from Horlivka State Pedagogical Institute for Foreign Languages (Donets’k Oblast’), where started her teaching carrier.

In 2004 completed her PhD at Zaporizhzhia National Universiry. Dissertation: “Antique Genres’ Transformation in Literary Works of Ukrainian Neo-Classics” defended in Kirovohrad State Pedagogical University (2007).

Since 2008 is the Associate Professor at the Chair of Social Communications, Advertising and Public Relations. Has applicated for several American (2010) and Israel (2018) grants and projects (Summer Institutes for American Studies; MASHAV), in 2017 took part in Intensive Training Institute in Research Methods for Social Sciences (University Administration Support Program UASP (IREX)). Professional travels and trainings: “Modern Methods of Teaching Social Communications” (Shumen University, Bulgaria, 2016), “Academy of Human Rights for Journalism Teachers” (Kyiv State University-UNDP Ukraine, 2019-2020).

Published near 40 scientific articles in Ukrainian and foreign professional journals, chapters in several monopraphs. Tetyana Ivanyukha is the author of a number of guidelines and manuals for students in global journalism, internship and academic writing.

Scientific interests

History of media, American journalism, advocacy journalism, representation of cultural issues in modern media discourse.


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Tetyana Ivanyukha