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ZNU Press Centre News / News / During the festive musical break a “Bench of reunion” was opened in ZNU

During the festive musical break a “Bench of reunion” was opened in ZNU

During the festive musical break a “Bench of reunion” was opened in ZNU
30.09.2016 11:35 All Top news Teachers' Day

September 30, on the eve of Teachers’ Day representatives of Cultural center of ZNU organized the festive event for teachers and staff of the university, during which the ceremonial greetings, fun songs, dance performances and vocal flash mobs were presented.

Festive music program was traditionally held near the second campus building. At the beginning of the event the presenters, students of the Faculty of Journalism Viktor Pasynko and Volodymyr Voronenko, on behalf of all students of ZNU congratulated the teachers on the upcoming holiday of Teachers’ Day, wishing love, happiness, peace and prosperity in their families. They thanked the teaching staff of the University for their conscientious and tireless work and wished the realization of all professional and life dreams, plans, harmony in the soul and in the families, health, inspiration, patience, and desire to bring the knowledge and experience to the students and success in academic career. “Let the devoted work of teachers encourage students to get necessary knowledge and become highly qualified specialists in various fields, thereby contributing to the development not only of the National University of Zaporizhzhya, but also of our region and the state as a whole,” they noticed.
The spectators enjoyed the performances of the students-participants of vocal studio "Kantylena": Daryna Shupranova (Faculty of Journalism) and Polina Tovstokor (Faculty of Mathematics), and participants of choreographic studio “D.A.L.S.” ZNU. They created a fantastic atmosphere of celebration and perked up teachers’ mood. Funny and cheerful mime artists amused students and all participants encouraging people to take a photo in a specially equipped photo zones in the form of photo frames.
During the festive event, students demonstrated their creativity, imagination, talents in singing and dancing. Also during the festival all guests were offered to participate in a musical flash mob and interactive competition “Teacher-student”, whereby students were asked questions from arithmetic, botany, physics, art and vocal.
In addition, as part of this event, thanks to the support of the University administration a "Bench of reunion" was set on the square between 2nd and 6th campus buildings, which is one more piece of architecture that will help all the friends and lovers who have fallen out to achieve mutual understanding, making up and mending relationships.

Olena Pereverzyeva