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Applicant Day at ZNU: professional employees tell about innovations and preparation for EIT

Applicant Day at ZNU: professional employees tell about innovations and preparation for EIT
24.10.2016 16:43 All Top news Applicant Day ZNU Admissions Committee

On October 23, traditionally on the weekend, a large-scale event was held at ZNU, an Applicant Day, which was joined by the representatives of the university administration, all faculties, staff of the Admissions Committee and the Department of pre-University training, career guidance and employment. This time the University was visited by nearly five hundred high school students and school leavers together with their parents and teachers.

Such events are traditional and take place several times a year. In particular, this year ZNU Applicant Day was not only a consulting event, but also a holiday of exploring the University for those who would like to join the ranks of its students. That day the guests had the opportunity to visit various departments, to look over the teaching and research laboratories, and to put questions to deans and professors of the faculties. But the main thing that interested future students was the admission conditions and current requirements of Zaporizhzhya National University.
The meeting began with the National anthem of Ukraine, after which the first Vice-rector Oleksandr Bondar on behalf of the administration of ZNU congratulated the audience. He focused on the university opportunities for students. Indeed, there are highly qualified professionals, material and technical resources are constantly improving and updating, capabilities of research laboratories are expanding, innovative teaching methods are introduced, students take part in various international programmes, undertake an internship abroad, and also have the opportunity to obtain a double degree.
The presenters of the meeting and the representatives of the Admissions Committee told the audience about this year innovative projects and events. It is "One day at University", a project created specifically for prospective students, through which every willing student can visit selected faculties (according to the schedule), attend lectures, take part in events, feel like a real student and also be wrapped up in the atmosphere of the chosen specialty. Also there will be the rector's academic competitions on the proile (February 25), sporting events (the Cup of rector "Sports day. Applicant – 2017"), etc. These innovations are intended to encourage future students.
The main attention during the event was paid to the conditions and algorithm of the current university admissions process. The head of the Department of Pre-University training, career guidance and employment Yuliya Paskevs'ka and the executive secretary of the Admissions Committee of ZNU Damir Bikulov told in detail about innovations and preparation for admission to the university.
Since December will begin the work of the Advisory-Registration Center, where employees both online and at face-to-face meetings or by telephone will provide advice and assistance in registration for external independent testing 2017.
Furthermore, the preparatory courses of ZNU help considerably to deepen knowledge and prepare for the main session of the EIT, its graduates will not only become aware of the tests content, but also will adapt psychologically to the upcoming testing. This year innovation is also the access of applicants to the ZNU electronic platform moodle, which will allow them to receive electronic materials, lectures, programs, etc.
Next year EIT will be held from May 23 till June 16. Each participant has to register on the website of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment. ZNU consultants will provide assistance and advice on registration by telephone: Admissions Committee – 764-67-53, Department of Pre-University training, career guidance and employment – 228-76-01, or on the ZNU website and social networks. Find out detailed information about the Admission Regulations, EIT and university admissions process in 2017 on the websites of these departments as well as regional academic newspaper "Zaporizhzhya University":

Olena Khlystun