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Faculty of Law visited by international experts in the field of energy law

Faculty of Law visited by international experts in the field of energy law
28.10.2016 14:09 All Top news Faculties Law Faculty of Law visit of international guests

October 28, the Faculty of Law of Zaporizhzhya National University was visited by the practicing lawyers Douglas Robinson (Washington, USA) and Julia Sullivan (Annapolis, USA), who shared with the students their experience of advocacy in the field of energy law and judicial practice of the death penalty.

That visit became possible thanks to the initiative of the Dean of the faculty Tetyana Kolomoyets' the close cooperation of the Faculty of Law with the representatives of the Center for International Legal Studies. Thus, the representative of the Center for International Legal Studies Dmytro Kamenskyy told about joint researches with the international legal practitioners in the different branches of law, including energy law.
The honorable guests met with the headship of the Faculty of Law and discussed with its Dean, Professor Tetyana Kolomoyets' the prospects for expanding academic cooperation and academic exchanges of students for the purpose of the internships and gaining experience not only at universities but also at law firms.
During the meeting the Dean of the Faculty of Law Tetyana Kolomoyets' noted that such cooperation would be the basis for fruitful work in the organization of foreign internships and researches. She also mentioned the importance and significance of establishing mutual relations between the University and the experts of international law, expressing hope for a useful and positive result of such cooperation.
The guests gave lectures for law students devoted to the international and national energy law, as well as judicial practice of protection of death row prisoners’ interests. Note that the aim of this lecture was to raise the law students’ professional awareness regarding the consolidation of the rule of law in these areas.
During the lecture, Julia Sullivan, who has a great law practice (over 20 years) in the field of energy law and protection of the energy campaigns’ rights, told the law students about the importance of international law protection in the field of energy for the economy of each country and Ukraine in particular. After all, this could be the basis of various kinds of conflicts between the countries.
During the meeting there were discussed current and topical issues of the international legal system of the energy sector regulation: energy supply transportation, as well as gas, electricity and other energy resources supply.
The guest also focused future lawyers on the differences and features of international and national energy law and shared with the participants her own practices.
In addition, the law students got to know the benefits of the knowledge of control law of international energy relations. Through such meetings the young lawyers will be able to master skills of working with the international legal documents. It should be noted that during the meeting the participants had the opportunity to find out more about the practice of the death penalty in the judicial systems of different countries. Thus, the practicing lawyer Douglas Robinson told about the historical aspects of such judicial practice in America, statistics, dynamics, features of advocacy, constitutional changes and interpretations of that question. He also wished the youth to achieve success in the professional law field, because, in his opinion, the younger generation in Ukraine would be able to change the country for the better.
At the end of the meeting participants expressed the belief that the results of the discussion would be an important contribution to the improvement and development of the legal system of Ukraine.

Olena Pereverzyeva

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