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Students of Faculty of Foreign Languages create new excursion project

Students of Faculty of Foreign Languages create new excursion project
04.11.2016 08:51 All Top news Faculties Foreign Philology Faculty of Foreign Languages studies project

Recently, at the Faculty of Foreign Languages has been launched a new bilingual excursion project of the student initiative "Our Faculty! Our Building! Unsere Fakultät! Unser Gebäude!". The idea of this project embodies the heritage of modern educational technologies Share It! and Peer-to-Peer and corresponds to the European traditions of the Bologna process, when the upperclassmen share information and experiences with freshmen.

So, the students of the third year (Ulyana Pyrizhok, Anhelina Savishchenko, Olha Ishchenko, Anna Sydorenko) prepared an interactive tour of the ІІ building of ZNU and conducted it in English and German for their junior colleagues. Freshmen had the opportunity to look over different parts of the building, and "discover the location" of various services and departments of their own and neighbouring faculties, located in the II building, as well as to find out many interesting historical facts and even secrets about their faculty and the building. The singularity of this project was, first of all, that the excursion was conducted in the form of interactive conversation in the foreign languages, therefore, all participants had the opportunity to develop speaking and listening skills. Secondly, Peer-to-Peer format created a relaxed atmosphere that facilitated the transfer not only of the facts but also a psychological experience of student life from seniors to juniors.
The excursion project has passed its experimental approbation, and, if you have at least basic level of English or German and you aren’t indifferent to the campus or perhaps you would like to join the exciting life of ZNU in the future, come to us or leave your request in order to explore the second building of ZNU with our creative guides!
Contact details: (061) 289-12-09 Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, (061) 289-12-49 Department of Second Language Studies.

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