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Year of English summarized at the Faculty of Law

Year of English summarized at the Faculty of Law
28.12.2016 13:20 All Top news Faculties Law Faculty of Law education concept of learning foreign languages

The Year of English in Ukraine proclaimed by the President of Ukraine on the initiative of the public activities GoGlobal, is coming to an end. The representatives of the Faculty of Law who were active participants on 28 December 2016 summed up their work.

According to the Deputy Dean of the faculty Mykhaylo Vikhlyayev, at the beginning of the year was launched a Programme of activities to improve the level of English language of all participants of the educational process at the Faculty of Law, among them: the practice of English language teaching of professional disciplines, webinars with the participation of lawyers from foreign states, classes in groups for intensive study of English professional (legal) terminology. Furthermore, meetings of "Speaking club" with watching feature films, documentary movies in English and its discussion. In addition, preparation of educational-methodical, scientific-practical literature in English for lawyers, the strengthening of scientific cooperation with foreign uviversities, joint English-speaking scientific and practical activities, etc.
According to the Chairman of the Student Council of the Law Faculty Olha Popova, 2016 is marked by numerous initiatives of ZNU Faculty of Law with the active implementation of legal English language communication, integration in the English-speaking legal professional environment, etc. Throughout the year there was an opportunity to participate in various events aimed at in-depth study of professional English language, which took place on the basis of ZNU and beyond. It is worth remembering English summer law school-project that was first introduced by the Faculty of Law of Zaporizhzhya National University in cooperation with Zaporizhzhya regional state administration, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, as well as with colleagues from the University of Kazimir Semenovich (Republic of Lithuania). According to the Dean of the Faculty of Law of ZNU Tetyana Kolomoyets, the outgoing year was very successful in the implementation of multilingual training of future lawyers. In particular, 90% of faculty members significantly increased the level of their English-language training. It simplifies their integration into the global professional environment that eliminates barriers to advanced professional cooperation with leading universities of foreign countries. Besides, the level of students’ English professional training has increased significantly.
Moreover, a pleasant moment for the Faculty of Law of ZNU was the high evaluation of students’ professional English language training according to the results of their work with a unique professional edition "Ukrainian legal doctrine" (in five volumes).
In prospects of the faculty there is a further implementation of English-language professional teaching. In addition, preparation of English training videos, audio materials, the introduction of English days for professional communication every week during the academic year at the faculty.

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