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Students-translators took part in unusual class

Students-translators took part in unusual class
26.04.2017 13:35 All Top news Faculties Foreign Philology Faculty of Foreign Philology Department of Romance Philology and Translation

In a bid to attract students to the French language through various cultural phenomena, professors are constantly searching for new methods of teaching. An interesting finding was the possibility to immerse students into the world of French cuisine, which is extremely well-known and even recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage.

Recently, such an immersion has become possible for a group of the 2nd year students of specialty "Translation (French)" thanks to a lesson given by a professional French chef Stefan Charbonnel using Skype. This unique event, proposed and organized by the Head of the Department of Romance Philology and Translation Iryna Sharhay, has become an indispensable experience for the students and lecturers of the Department, because no one can tell so interestingly and in detail about the main features of French cuisine than a native speaker and a professional.
Stefan Charbonnel was talking about the development of French cuisine starting from the invention of the fork until today. It was interesting for students to find out the story about the Michelin guide and three-star restaurants, an annual competition for the best French chef and carefully selected high-quality ingredients for dishes which are prepared by the best chefs for the President of the French Republic.
The communication with a master of his craft, who talks about it with understanding and love, has caused a lot of positive impressions, it has contributed to a better comprehension of the phenomenon of French cuisine as an integral component of the national and world culture.
Together with Stefan Charbonnel this unusual class was conducted by two lecturers of the Department of Romance Philology and Translation: Iryna Sharhay and Nadiya Opashnyuk, as well as Jean-Luc Issle, lecturer-volunteer from France.

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