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Students of Faculty of Law joined training of British Council "Active Citizens"

Students of Faculty of Law joined training of British Council "Active Citizens"
29.06.2017 14:53 All Top news Faculties Law Faculty of Law Training Active Citizens

Recently, students of the Faculty of Law took part in a two-day training course in the framework of our university’s cooperation with the British Council on the international program in the field of an intercultural dialogue and social development "Active Citizens around the world".

The 3rd year student of the Faculty of Law, Oleh Pelypenko, who participated in the training, expressed the idea that this project and its grant opportunities were a very important and effective mechanism for the implementation of relevant social projects, which carried an essential social mission to society, helping in self-development of each person involved in this project.

At this seminar, all participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with the mechanisms of realization of social projects that increase social activity of citizens and are popular in the EU countries.

It should be noted that the representatives of the Faculty of Law, headed by the Dean Tetyana Kolomoyets, continue to participate in the implementation of social projects with the support of the British Council in the framework of the program "Active Citizens around the world".

So, in particular, it is planned to implement projects in the field of improving the legal education of citizens, vulnerable segments of the populationand and internally displaced people. Besides, law students intend to provide volunteering assistance for projects, and scientific and pedagogical staff is ready to help and consult young people on all important issues.

According to the representatives of the Faculty of Law, these projects will involve a large number of law students that on the one hand will favour their professional development, and on the other will help the population in legal support. Also, assistance in the implementation of projects will be provided by the University, especially in terms of submitting applications, while concept formation and its implementation remain with the project participants.


Olena Pereverzyeva

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