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The winter rest of students-economists

29.02.2008 19:39

Research work is one of the most important directions of educative process on the economic faculty. Recently the contest of student’s scientific works passed at the economic faculty.

The general number of participants exceeded fifty, therefore it was not easy to gain the victory. And all the same, the winners became Ganna Rurka, Romanchenko Olena, Shapovalova, Voskoboinikova Iuliya and Vengerska. All of them got a beautiful opportunity to rest in Karpaty mountains, in the town Slavske, which is one of the best skiing resorts. That trips to the resort the economic faculty got from sponsors the Trading house “Megapolis”.

The tourists from the economic faculty appreciated the grandeur of forests, the might of Karpaty mountains, the cleaned air, the pleasant weather frosty and snowy weather and of course skiing and going on excursions.