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Project «Social and psychological rehabilitation by means of theatre»

27.03.2008 15:56

Ініціативною групою кафедри акторської майстерності було розроблено проект з «Соціально-психологічна реабілітація засобами театрального мистецтва», який взяв участь у конкурсі соціально-значимих проектів, що проводився центром соціальних програм UC RUSAL, став його переможцем і отримав малий гранд.

The initiative group from the chair of acting developed the project named «Social and psychological rehabilitation by means of theatre», which took part in the contest of social projects, conducted by the centre of social programs UC RUSAL, became its winner and gained a little grant.

The Project had been realized on base of such social objects, as Zaporizhzhya regional oncological clinics, Specialized territorial medical centre “Childhood” - children's regional clinic. In project participated 14 students of the speciality «Theatre acting», more than 50 oncology adult patients and more than 40 children from pulmonological and traumatic departments. Participants from our university organized a concert, performed a fairy-tale “Mitten” and a fable “Cat and Maiden”.

The main aim was achieved - positive emotions of children will facilitate their physical recovery. Such meetings with audience are also very important for our students – it is a necessary practice for their future profession. They have already gained invitations not only to hospitals, but to other social establishments.

Tamila Tarasenko