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Professional holiday of future actors from ZNU

01.04.2008 16:02

The Day of theatre - not only the professional holiday of masters of scene, but also the holiday for millions from audience - the chair of theatre art of the faculty of social psychology and pedagogy celebrated for two days: March 26 and 27.

On the first day great artists of our region: producers, actors, artists, authors, singers and composers came to our university, among which the main producer of the theatre to the name of Magara Vitaly Denisenko, the Honoured artist of Ukraine Nataliya Boeva, the head of the Regional society of authors of Ukraine Grigory Luty, the famous composer and singer Anatoly Serdiuk and many, many others. The peculiarity of the holiday became little interviews: students had an opportunity to set every guest questions concerning their professional activity.

The next day, before “official” celebration of the Day of theatre, the Students’ council of Zaporizhzhya national university congratulated present and future actors with the concert with contests, dedicated to that date. And at 1 p.m. the official party began, prepared by young actors. There was everything: poems and dancing, fables and theatre compositions, and, of course, songs! The audience was astonished not only with the program, but also with attires of students! The party of such scale was the first in history, because our speciality is rather young.