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ZNU students found out about the features of the Fulbright Program

ZNU students found out about the features of the Fulbright Program
17.04.2018 16:21 All Top news Міжнародний відділ стажування

On April 17, ZNU hosted a presentation of the possibilities of the Fulbright program with the assistance of Olena Prokopchuk and one of the American participants in the program Christopher Robinson (U.S. Fulbright Student Program, 2017-2018, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine, Kyiv, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA).

The representatives of the Department of International Relations (ZNU) organised this meeting, where were students of dofferent courses, post-graduate students and scientific-pedagogical workersof ZNU.

It should be noted that the Fulbright program is sponsored by the US government and administered by the institute of International Education, and thanks to it, about a thousand Ukrainians have been learned in the United States.

The purpose og this meeting was to increase the professional knowledge of students, postgraduates, faculty and stuff and provide them with practical information on how to take part in the Fulbright Fellowship Program for conducting research in the United States under different programs. For example, Fulbright Scholar Program, Fulbright Research and Development Program, Fulbright Foreign language Teaching Assistant Program, Fulbright Graduate Student Exchange Program, US Fulbright Scholar Program, U. S. Fulbright Specialist Program, U. S. Fulbright student Program.

During the meeting, the attention of future scholars focused on the varieties and opportunities of the exchange program for them. The Fulbrigth Program is for both Ukrainian and American scholars. Yes, scientists can change their specialization, deepen existing ones or get a Master's degree. In addition, universities may invite American scientists who can contribute to the development of scientific potential of the department or university.

Besides, the participants found out about three stages of selection of participants (project reviews, interview in English, tests and decision making), the features of writing essays, writing letters of recommendation, who should write them,in which language. Moreover, during the meeting its participants were able to learn about the participants of the program from previous years from different universities and countries.

Therefore, the program assistant Olena Prokopchuk advises to determine with your own professional interests, desires, values and aspirations, to indicate how the intership will affect your further development and self-realization, as well as the cause and motivation of choosing this program, this research and what benefit it will bring to science. In particular, she stressed the importance of timely submission of a package of documents. In her opinion, the participants of the Fulbright program are cultural ambassadors, and this multicultural experience can help them in the future.

During the presentation, Christopher Robinson shared his impressions of staying in Ukraine, told about his Fulbright experience and about his education, research interests and research in microbiology, and answered questions about the pecularities of American education by sharing useful secrets.

You can find all information about the program, a list of documents for participations in the competition, requirements for its registration, as well as the course of competetive seelction here.

Also, here you can find out about personal impressions and observations of participants of this program. 









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