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In ZNU it is possible to receive education on new certificate programs

In ZNU it is possible to receive education on new certificate programs
10.05.2018 09:43 All Top news Центр післядипломної освіти сертифікатна програма сертифікат

On the basis of the Postgraduate Education Center of ZNU, in order to meet the need of young people in acquiring topical contemporary education, they are offered to prepare for a variety of certificate programs. Students already studying at universities or other higher educational institutions can gain additional professional knowledge and skills in the following educational programs: “Human Resource Management”, “Time Management”, and “Ukrainian Language in Business”, “Legal Translation”.

The Certificate program "Human Resources Management" is calculated for 75 hours.  There is training of specialists who provide services for the implementation of continuous education in order to create the necessary psychological and pedagogical conditions for the most complete adaptation, integration and socialization of adults in formal and informal education institutions. The course will help to acquire professional knowledge, skills, and value orientations that correspond to the essence and content of adult learning activities.

Tasks of the certificate program:

- To help to understand the essence of the subject of personnel development management in the human-science industry;
- To learn a set of provisions on the peculiarities of management of personnel development as a specific field of pedagogical science and practice;
- To master the conceptual terminology system of modern management of personnel development;
- To get acquainted with the specifics of personnel development management, technologies of organizing the pedagogical process in institutions of formal and informal education of adults and gain practical experience in designing and using them.
The cost of training under this program is 1077 UAH.

The Certificate Program "Time Management" (76 hours) facilitates the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in personal development. The program is designed to form listeners with individual features and behavioral skills that will be useful in everyday activities, as well as develops the ability to organize personal work, ensuring success in the professional field and business communication.

Tasks of the certificate program "Time Management" are the formation of:

- An understanding of the theoretical and methodological principles of modern time management and the peculiarities of using time as a unique resource;
- Personal values and goals;
- Ability to manage self-development personality;
- Skills of effective activity, delegation of authority;
- Methods for organizing day-to-day activities, working hours and rational use of resources.

According to the requirements of the program, students must achieve the following learning outcomes and competencies: to carry out the timing of various types of life; to formulate life goals with the help of a "target tree" and "ray diagrams"; to substantiate decision-making; to calculate own biorhythms; to conduct a personal SWOT analysis aimed at identifying strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the process of their own activities; properly allocate resources for effective self-organization; use the technologies of own time planning, the principles of organization of the current day; determine the criteria for evaluating their own effectiveness; to design interpersonal, group and organizational communications; to identify and analyze the problem areas of individual "development" of time; adequately distribute time resources during interpersonal and professional interaction; use the acquired knowledge for further self-development; apply time management techniques and solve situational problems with them.
The cost of training under this program is 1089 UAH.

The Certificate Program "Ukrainian language in business" (72 hours, cost of training is 579 UAH).
The purpose of the program is to reveal the peculiarities of the functioning of the Ukrainian language within the framework of business communication and to form skills of competent communication in the business sphere. Special courses will help students to learn orphoepic, lexical, grammatical norms of the Ukrainian language, which cause the greatest difficulties in the process of business communication, as well as familiarize with the basic requirements of the etiquette of business communication.

Tasks of the certificate program:

- To acquaint students with the main features of official-business style;
- To ensure mastering the norms of modern orthoepyracy, spelling within the framework of business communication;
- enrich the stock of business vocabulary;
- To develop the ability to correctly and appropriately use language cliché in written business communication;
- To form skills to correctly express thoughts within the limits of business style;
- To provide an idea of the features of business etiquette.

Certificate program "Legal translation" (80 hours, cost of training is 1043 UAH).
The purpose of the program is to ensure a high level of professional competence of the person providing professional linguistic assistance (translation) in various fields of legal regulation of social relations. Specially designed training courses will help you to master the skills of working with legal sources, legal dictionary interpretative literature; to correctly apply legal terminology (doctrinal, normative, law-enforcement) in accordance with the standards of its use while providing professional linguistic assistance. Students also form competence from a free verbal, including synchronous, written translation of legal, procedural documents, the execution of documents that can be used in legal relationships.

Tasks of the certificate program:

- Providing thorough theoretical training and practical competence in the field of professional linguistic translation services within the framework of procedural and procedural relations;
- Mastering of oral skills, including synchronous, written translation of texts of legal content, work with a legal source base, as well as with interpretative acts;
- Formation of competences in understanding legal terminology and standardization of its use, as well as in the preparation of procedural documents and linguistic assistance during legal support.
Students of certified programs at the end of the courses receive a certificate of ZNU on the results of theoretical, practical work and final testing.

You can find any additional information on the site of the Center:

Postgraduate Education Center of ZNU





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