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Summer school of bloggers and public journalists in ZNU continues its work

Summer school of bloggers and public journalists in ZNU continues its work
24.07.2018 09:33 All Top news Faculties Journalism Літня школа блогерів та громадських журналістів медіа грамотність Interlink Academy

The summer school of bloggers and public journalists on the base of ZNU continue its work within 10 days. The 21 first July was the first day of its work.

The first vice-rector of Zaporizhzhia national university, Oleksandr Bondar gave the speech to the participants during the opening of the School. He pointed out that it’s third time when ZNU accepts the participants of this School. It should be said that people from different regions in Ukraine from 18 to 24 years old can become a part of this course. What is more, it is completely free to join the team and also the students are provided with food and accommodation. The Summer School was opened with the support by Minister for Foreign Affairs (Germany).  One of the coaches and the associate professor of the Faculty of Foreign Language and department of theory and practice of translating from English, Oleksandr Golovko mentioned that the organizers give the preference to the students from Zaporizhzhia and its region. Among 24 students there are people from Donetsk, Dnipro, Nikolayev, Odessa, Kharkov and Zaporizhzhia. About 25% of students are journalists. The initiator of this project became the social organization Interlink Academy. 

Dmytro Bondar, the journalist of Rivne branch of the National Public TV and Radio company of Ukraine said, that the basic course is made in such way that in the end of it every team of the students should present its final project which is quite important and interesting. During the course the students study the basic principles of journalist work such as accumulating and checking the information and the right way of preparation the media-projects. What is more, there is going to be the master class in creating infographics, editing, and the qualified photos. Furthermore, the participants will be working with their own videos, learn how to do the montage and edit the files. The educational program allows the listeners to get new knowledge in different spheres every single day. The lectors of the School became the journalists and practices who describe in every detail the demands from the media, requirements for the specialist in this sphere, and useful skills which will be in hand for further journalists. Those people who are interested in blogging would be taught how to shoot the videos in a right way, create and edit their own blog in social media, take an interview and make a journalist investigation.

One of these Summer Schools had already been held in Sumy city. It will also take place in Poltava and Chernovtsy during the august time.


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