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The enrollers prepare for the entrance examinations to senior courses

The enrollers prepare for the entrance examinations to senior courses
25.07.2018 14:14 All Top news Вступна кампанія старші курси

The deadline of submitting the applications from the enrollers who apply for educational degrees of “Bachelor” (the second and the third course) on full time education (within the licensed number of seats) at the expense of individuals and legal entities has finished yesterday.

260 applications were received fro this category of the enrollers. The oral entrance examination according to the chosen specialty will take place 30 July.

The entrants have to be present at 8-45am next to the central entrance of the fourth academic building, and after they would be conducted to the auditory where the examination will be held. The participants must have the identifying document, and two ballpoint pens.  Entrants ranking lists of the students who are recommended for the admission on different specialties of the faculties in ZNU will be announced on the next day of August according to the results of examination.

Admission to study will take place utill 8 August. You have to pay attention that admission is possible only if all original documents are presented. It is also have to be remembered that deadline of submitting the applications for those who apply on the part-time education (it is about 350 persons) is the fourth August till 1pm. The entrance exams will take place 9 August at 9am. The ranking lists of those who are recommended to study will be announced 13 August, and from 15 August according to the instruction they will be officially allowed to study in the university.

To learn more about the stages of the admission campaign:

More information about the acceptance period for applications and documents, and the schedule of the entrance examinations you can find by the link:

 Those who apply for senior course can get help by address: Dneprovskaya 33a str., (the fourth academic building), 108 auditory.

The working time: Monday-Friday from 9am till 5pm, and at Saturday from 9am till 2pm.

In order to get additional information you can call by the number: (061) 289-12-32. 

During the art contests the enrollers are provided with accommodation in the dormitory.

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