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ZNU Press Centre News / News / The celebrations will be held in ZNU to mark the beginning of the new school year at the Confucius School

The celebrations will be held in ZNU to mark the beginning of the new school year at the Confucius School

The celebrations will be held in ZNU to mark the beginning of the new school year at the Confucius School
04.10.2018 10:45 All Top news Школа Конфуція китайська мова міжнародні зв'язки

The Confucius School began its work at the university in last academic year, within the framework of a bilateral agreement between ZNU and Anhui pedagogical university (China).   Everyone, regardless of age, had the opportunity to start learning Chinese and learn more about the culture of this country on specialized language courses.  Not only professors and students of the university, but also residents of Zaporizhzhia, in particular pupils of schools, eagerly seized the opportunity to master the Chinese language together with native speakers and professors.

The first year of the Confucius School has convincingly proved that the study of Chinese is relevant for many residents of our city nowadays. Only 70 students of language courses successfully completed the first year of study on the basis of this structural unit of ZNU.  Further cooperation on the development of this cultural and educational organization in Zaporizhzhia is in the plans of both the administration of ZNU, which attaches great importance to this area of development of international relations, and the Chinese side.

On the eve of the new school year, we turned to the director of the Confucius School from ZNU Volodymyr Volkov with a request to talk about the immediate prospects for the development of the School.

It should be mentioned that the status of the Confucius School in ZNU is going to be increased this year.  It is also expected to increase the partial funding of its activities by the International Center for Cooperation of Schools and Institutions of Confucius "Hanban" under the Government of the PR China.  Therefore, the expansion of activities with the simultaneous invitation of highly qualified professors and native speakers from the Ankhoi Pedagogical University (China), who have passed the competition and received the right to work at the Confucius School for at least a year id in the nearest plans of the Confucius School.  Volodymyr Petrovych also said that the director of the School from the Chinese side, Professor V Shikhun will arrive in ZNU.  He also noted that a new training program was developed, and it is more adapted to the study of the Chinese language by all interested people aged 9 to 90 years that according to the results of the first year of school work, in the summer period.  During the year, the university continuously continues the advertising campaign.  This allows  to expand the set of students of different age groups.

Pay attention that classes for the students of school age are held twice a week for 60 minutes.  For university students of all levels of accreditation and those who have already received a higher education, there are 120 minutes of classes twice a week.  We also turn to the high school students of Zaporizhzhia schools who study English as by visiting our courses, you can not only learn Chinese, but also improve your knowledge of English at the same time.

In addition, ZNU has another interesting project for those who want to learn Chinese; this year, meetings at the “Friends of China” speaking club will be held on a regular basis.  The club is waiting for not only students of Chinese-language courses, but also all those who wish to learn more about the economy, politics and culture of this country.

It should be said that the university administration plans to open the specialty of Chinese language on the basis of the Faculty of foreign philology in the coming years.  Among the upcoming important events at the Confucius School are celebrations dedicated to the beginning of the new edicationsl year, to which official representatives of the Ankhoi Pedagogical University and diplomatic representatives of the People's Republic of China in Ukraine will arrive.

All information about the activities of the Confucius School, class schedules, etc. is posted on the university's website by the link:

You can also visit the school by the address: Zhukovskyi str. 55a, the sixth academic building of ZNU, audience 218 and 212 or call by the phone: (061) 289-41-03.

Moreover, you can contact associate professors of the Faculty of foreign philology, Olha Tupakhina ( and Iryna Velykа ( in order to join the language groups. 

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