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In ZNU conducted presentation of new educative laboratories

02.09.2008 16:08

After the solemn ceremony of initiation into students of Zaporizhzhya national university the guests were invited to acquainted with new laboratories.

The excursion begun from the visit of the unique for our region Hall of electronic resourses – the project of electronic library, originated the previous year on the base of our university. Its implementation admited not on to systematize the paper resourses of the Scientific library, but to include thousands of works to the electronic base and to form the electronic bank of educative materials.

Then attention of the guests was payed to the new educative laboratory of electronic journalism. The large impression caused the first in the region educative conference hall with the opportunity of 6-channel synchronous interpretation. Here are all conditions for students of the faculty of foreign philology to master serial and synchronous interpretation and to form skills to interpret audio-medial texts.

The next visit was payed to the eighth educative building of ZNU, where the computer hall for students with demerits of eyesight was presented, opened due to assistance of Zaporizhzhya Regional Fund of social protection of cripples. All those objects confirm the progress of our university and help our students in their activities.