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Preparatory courses for the entrants have started in ZNU

Preparatory courses for the entrants have started in ZNU
05.10.2018 11:07 All Top news Відділ доуніверситетської підготовки профорієнтації та працевлаштування підготовчі курси вступ-2019 ЗНО

According to the representatives of the pre-university department, preparatory courses are the key to the effective passage of EIA and successful admission to the university.  Thanks to the courses, applicants can feel more confident while entering a university. ZNU will help applicants prepare for admission to the academic disciplines, considering that this year entrants pass EIA in 4 subjects.

We also remind that the 8-month preliminary courses of extramural and evening courses are conducted by highly qualified and experienced professors.  Pupils of 10 and 11 grades and persons with full secondary education are invited to attend these courses.

In addition, students who have been trained and received a certificate of successful completion of preparatory courses are eligible for priority enrollment and receive additional points on admission.  Thus, graduates of preparatory courses who have successfully passed the final certification will have an advantage of up to 10 additional points when enrolling in the natural and physical and mathematical directions in ZNU (mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology), the other graduates of the preparatory department will have a preferential right to enter the university.

At the same time, the main advantages of training at the preliminary courses are the quality of teaching, in-depth study of academic disciplines, preparation for EIA, high efficiency of university entrance, etc.

If you have not had time to join the preparatory course team, do not hesitate as for enrollment in the preliminary course you must contact the pre-university department and provide the following documents:

  • application for admission to preparatory courses (application form);
  •   certificate of training;
  •   4 photos 3x4;
  •   copy of the passport of the listener (birth certificate)
  •   copy of payment receipt.

The application form and additional information can be found by this link

Or by visiting the address: Zhukovskyi str,  66 B, second academic building of ZNU, audience  204. Telephone for information 289-12-96.

Please note that classes in the preparatory courses of ZNU will continue until May 31.



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