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ZNU Press Centre News / News / ZNU administration met with Chinese colleagues of the university of the Confucius School of ZNU before the start of its educational year

ZNU administration met with Chinese colleagues of the university of the Confucius School of ZNU before the start of its educational year

ZNU administration met with Chinese colleagues of the university of the Confucius School of ZNU before the start of its educational year
19.10.2018 15:23 All Top news Школа Конфуція конфуціанство китайська мова

ZNU hosted the official meeting of the director of the Confucius School of ZNU from the Chinese side of U Shihong and the professor of Chinese and English languages Xia Yusya with ZNU rector Mykola Frolov, first vice rector Oleksandr Bondar, and vice rectors Hennadii Vasylchuk, Serhii Kushnir and director of the Confucius School of ZNU Volodymyr Volkov, and professor of the faculty of Foreign languages Olha Tupakhina.

During the event, scientists summed up the developments in the framework of the cooperation of the Confucius School in ZNU and discussed new educational projects. We are talking about the transformation of the Confucius School into the Institute, the fruitful cooperation of the University of Ankhoy with the Faculty of Foreign Languages and the Faculty of Philology of ZNU, student and professor exchanges, internships, and joint educational projects.

It should be mentioned that the director of the Confucius School of ZNU from the Chinese side, U Shihong, and the professor of Chinese and English, Xia Yues, only arrived in Ukraine from China.  And if U Shihong was already here, then for Xia Yuesya  this is the first visit to our country.  Now they will teach Chinese students here at the Confucius School together with the dean of the Institute of the Ankhoi Pedagogical University (People's Republic of China), which has been teaching in ZNU for a year as part of the activities of the Confucius School, professor Gen Liping.

During the meeting they noted that for the second year in a row, the representatives in Zaporizhzhia of all age groups have the opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture at a professional level, with the involvement of native speakers who have experience working with foreigners.  The charter of the educational institution assumes from the Chinese side the provision of educational process with methodological materials, the allocation of teachers with teaching experience to foreigners, the possibility of passing the qualification exam in Chinese, the provision of counseling services in the process of familiarization with the culture and traditions of this country etc.  In addition, representatives of China are helping to organize events for the linguistic and cultural exchange of course participants, professors and students of Zaporizhzhia national university and Ankhoy Pedagogical University. It should be noted that ZNU, in turn, provides material, technical and other resources for this cooperation.

It was the office premises, the material base that became the subject of inspection of the guests together with the scientists of ZNU in the first days of work.  The professors examined the classrooms, confirmed the methodological readiness of the Confucius School for the new educational year, and analyzed the new needs and the forms of their provision.

It has to be remembered, that the Confucius Institute was established for the first time in the Zaporizhzhia region and has been successfully operating for over a year.  The term for learning Chinese on the basis of these classes is three years.  In order to confirm the annual results, it is supposed to pass the qualification examinations for the degree of knowledge at the HSK level, which is confirmed by experts at the headquarters of the Confucius Institute.  According to the representatives of the Confucius School, the development and strengthening of multi-vector international relations, increasing the academic mobility of professors and students, and using the experience of foreign leading higher educational and scientific institutions today are among the priorities of Zaporizhzhia national university.

The first year of the Confucius School has convincingly proved that the study of Chinese today is relevant for many residents of our city.  Only 70 students of language courses successfully completed the first year of study on the basis of this structural unit of ZNU.  And in the plans of both, the administration of ZNU, which attaches great importance to this area of development of international relations, and the Chinese side is  further cooperation on the development of this cultural and educational organization in Zaporizhzhia.  On the eve of the new school year, we turned to the director of the Confucius School from ZNU Volodymyr Volkov with a request to talk about the immediate prospects for the development of this structural unit of the university.

"It should be noted that this year the status of the Confucius School in ZNU will increase.  It is also expected to increase the partial funding of its activities from the International Center for Cooperation of Schools and Institutions of Confucius "Hanban" under the Government of the PRC.  Therefore, in the nearest plans of the Confucius School there is an expansion of activities with the simultaneous invitation of highly qualified professors and native speakers from the Ankhoi Pedagogical University (China), who have passed the competition and received the right to work in  the Confucius School for at least a year.  In particular, the Director of the School from the Chinese side, Professor V Shikhun will arrive in ZNU," - said Volodymyr Petrovych.

He also mentioned that according to the results of the first year of school work, a training program was developed in the summer period, which is more adapted to the study of the Chinese language by all interested people aged from 9 to 90 years.  During the year, the university continuously continues the advertising campaign.  This allows you to expand the set of students of different age groups.

Please note that for students of school age, classes last twice a week for 60 minutes.  For university students of all levels of accreditation and for those who have already received higher education, classes are provided for 120 minutes twice a week.  Separately, we turn to high school students in Zaporizhzhia English-language schools as by attending our courses, one can not only learn Chinese, but also improve their knowledge of English at the same time.  Today, such knowledge is an important component of entering a prestigious university and developing a successful career after graduation.  In addition, there is another interesting project in ZNU for those who want to learn Chinese: during the last academic year, the Friends of China Conversation Club operated in the institution of higher education, the participants of which met periodically.  This year they are going to continue meetings on a regular basis.  The club is waiting for not only students of Chinese-language courses, but also everyone who wants to learn more about the economy, politics, culture of this country, the current state and prospects for the development of Ukrainian-Chinese relations, etc.

So, among the topics for discussion, the club members turned to information on the largest cities in China, the conditions for training and work in the People's Republic of China, and the protection of health and the environment in the country.  They discussed Chinese culture, philosophy, historical monuments, and so on.  It is worth noting that the classes in the club contribute to the formation and development of communicative competencies of the students and at the same time allow them to improve the knowledge of the Chinese language.


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