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ZNU Press Centre News / News / The Hall of European studios was opened in ZNU during the Day of European projects and grant programs were presented

The Hall of European studios was opened in ZNU during the Day of European projects and grant programs were presented

The Hall of European studios was opened in ZNU during the Day of European projects and grant programs were presented
23.10.2018 16:41 All Top news DESTIN Університет проектна діяльність міжнародна діяльність гранти майстер-класи відкриття мультимедійної аудиторії День європейських проектів

The Day of European Projects was held in ZNU for the first time on October 22.  Its goal is to popularize project activities at the university, which is an important stage in the implementation of international projects “European Project Culture”, “Journalism Education for Democracy in Ukraine”, “European Values in Fiction Texts”, which are currently taking place in ZNU.

The climax of the event was the grand opening of the European Studies Hall ( the first academic building, audience 61). Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov, first vice-rector Oleksandr Bondar, vice-rector for scientific work Hennadii Vasylchuk, vice-rector for scientific, pedagogical and educational work Oleksandr Hura and vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work Yurii Kahanov took part in the event.  The event also involved staff members of the research and development department under the leadership of the head of Viktoriia Meniailo, representatives of the design department chaired by the head of Olena Boiko, deans and project managers of all faculties, as well as honorary guests of the university such as professors, staff and student - participants in the exchange of teaching experience between ZNU  and the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany) in the framework of the international program for Ukraine “U -LEAD with Europe”. They took part in the opening ceremony of the media audience and in the presentation of grant programs that are being implemented in ZNU today.

Mykola Frolov mentioned that the opening of this modern audience with multimedia equipment indicates that our university is confidently implementing a development model.  The appearance of this audience is the result of the cooperation of the university with the European Union, in particular, the participation of ZNU in the direction of the Jean Monnet Module of the Erasmus+ program.

He also noted that today in the university 4 international grant programs are being successfully implemented, the development of the grant activity is given to the left-wing person at the university.  The rector also shared with the plans and said that in three years there will be a full upgrade of the university lecture fund.

Moreover, there was a presentation of grant programs that are currently operating in ZNU. The head of the research department, academic coordinator of the international project, Viktoriia Meniailo, presented the project “European Project Culture”, the Erasmus + program, the direction of “Jean Monnet Module”. She said that the educational programs developed as part of the implementation of the grant have already been successfully implemented in the educational process of the university.

In addition, during the event, Olena Tupakhina, associate professor of the Department of German Philology and Translation, co-coordinator of the international project, spoke about the project “European values in artistic texts”, the Erasmus + program, the direction of the Jean Monnet Module.  The speaker emphasized the importance of training a new teacher for the New Ukrainian School - this task should be helped by the implementation of this project.

Associate Professor of the Department of Journalism, institutional coordinator of the international project from ZNU in the European Consortium of Universities Kateryna Sirinok-Dolharova told about the project “Journalism education for democracy in Ukraine: standards development, virtue and development of professionalism”, Erasmus + program, KA2 direction.  In particular, she noted that Ukrainian and foreign universities, with which ZNU closely cooperates, are involved in this project.

A great interest among those present was paid to the speech of the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, Yurii Kahanov.  He told about the beginning of the university-wide competition of mini-projects of ZNU to improve the image policy of the faculties.  In addition, Yurii  Olehovych noted that the prize fund of the competition is 90 000 UAH (40 thousand UAH - 1st place, 30 thousand - 2nd place and 20 thousand - 3rd place).The guest of honor of the event, the manager of the center of core competencies and research-oriented education of the European University Viadrin Catherine Jirgenson spoke about the prospects that the scientists of the ZNU open for participation in the international program for Ukraine “U-LEAD with Europe”.

In addition, as part of the European Project Day, a series of master classes were held for milestones. At the end of the event, the participants thanked the organizers and expressed hope that the Day of European projects will become annual and a good tradition for Zaporizhzhia national university.


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