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ZNU Press Centre News / News / More than five hundred senior high school students of the city and region attended the ZNU applicant's Day

More than five hundred senior high school students of the city and region attended the ZNU applicant's Day

More than five hundred senior high school students of the city and region attended the ZNU applicant's Day
12.11.2018 17:07 All Top news Faculties Університет День абітурієнта профорієнтаційна діяльність вступ-2019 приймальна комісія відділ доуніверситетської підготовки профорієнтації та працевлаштування

On November 11, Zaporizhzhia National University hosted the Day of the entrant, which brought together more than 500 high school students and college students from Zaporizhzhia and its region.

High school students, their parents and professors took the opportunity not only to get closer to the university, but also to learn from the specialists of ZNU and the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Center of Assessing the Quality of Education about the innovations of the admission campaign 2019.

In the hall of the academic building, future students were greeted by the representatives of all faculties. Everyone had the opportunity to pass vocational guidance tests based on several computer classes in ZNU and finally decide the future specialty.  In addition, the participants received promotional materials.

The presenters of the event were students Anton Nazarenko and Viktoriia Lahutinа; they congratulated the participants and mentioned that ZNU is a place of opportunities, where each student has all the conditions to reveal their talents.

After the solemn performance of the National Anthem of Ukraine and the National Anthem of ZNU by the choir of the “Kantilena” vocal studio of the center of culture, the presenters gave the floor to the rector of Zaporizhzhia National University Mykola Frolov and the rector of Zaporizhzhia State Academy of Engineering Viktor Banakh.

Mykola Oleksandrovych noted that he was pleased to see such a large number of applicants wishing to learn more about the university, because this indicates that ZNU chose the right development model.

Also, the rector of ZNU informed that from January 1, 2019, Zaporizhzhia State Academy of Engineering will join  ZNU as an Engineering Institute.

In turn, Viktor Banakh mentioned that the association of ZNU and Zaporizhzhia State Academy of Engineering can serve as an example of how higher educational institutions are united to solve important issues and provide even better educational services.

 A great interest among those present was aroused by the presentation of the Director of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Center of the Evaluation of the Quality of Education, Maryna Horbenko-Khvastunova, who spoke about the main innovations related to the EIA and the introductory campaign of 2019  In particular, she recalled that the requirement remains to pass mandatory for all applicants, including those attending colleges, EIA in the Ukrainian language and literature, and that everyone must choose between external independent assessment in the history of Ukraine or mathematics.  At the same time this year, future applicants can take a maximum of four EIA.  In particular, two tests in foreign languages, so that later during the introductory campaign, where a foreign language is needed, to present a certificate with a large number of points.

 Maryna Mykhailivna noted that more information can be obtained by visiting the site of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Center of Educational Quality Assessment:

The head of the department of pre-university training, vocational guidance and employment, Halyna Mykytiv, also spoke about the benefits of ZNU preparatory courses for applicants and invited everyone to attend the event, and invited everyone to attend audience 204 and 209 of the second academic building to get all the necessary information. 

Executive secretary of the selection committee of ZNU Stanislav Ivanenko answered the numerous questions of those present related to the conditions of entry-2019.

An interesting surprise awaited the participants of the Applicant's Day as they were all given sheets with numbers.

And at the end of the event they arranged a lottery, and Oleksandr Hura, vice rector for scientific, pedagogical and educational work, presented the winners with a flash drive "for future knowledge."

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