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ZNU Press Centre News / News / The participants of ZNU Lecture center examined the topic “Euroreality”

The participants of ZNU Lecture center examined the topic “Euroreality”

The participants of ZNU Lecture center examined the topic “Euroreality”
27.11.2018 14:12 All Top news студентська рада Лекторій ЗНУ академічна мобільність Єврошкола

Recently, the lecture “Euroreality” was organized by the student council within the framework of the traditional Lecture of ZNU. The lecturers were graduates and trainers of the Euro school, university student as a 1st year graduate student of the Faculty of Foreign Philology, Myloslava Fedko, and a 4th year undergraduate of the Faculty of Sociology and Management in the specialty Political Science Anton Lytvynenko.

The European Schools (EU Study Days in Ukraine) is an educational project of the European Union Delegation to Ukraine.  It provides a unique opportunity for Ukrainian students and university graduates to learn more about the European Union, and also provides an opportunity to join cooperation in the field of education and project activities.

The project is being implemented by the Ukrainian Educational Reform Center.  Within its framework, the lecturers are leading Ukrainian and European specialists, experts dealing with the development of the European Union and the integration processes on the continent.  They acquaint the participants of the Euro school with the main trends, conduct trainings, help to organize youth associations and implement interesting ideas and projects.

While getting acquainted with the student audience, Myloslava Fedko and Science Anton Lytvynenko spoke about their own experience of participating in the Euro school, the goals of their work as coaches.  Thus, the youth leaders themselves are participants in many projects, such as the Forum “Youth Capital of Ukraine”, “Zaporizhzhia Book Fair”, volunteering, etc.

Both trainers presented lectures to the participants of the presentation and identified the opportunities offered to young people to participate in the Echo School and the Erasmus + program.  In particular, the specificity of the Euro school is that its participants focus on extracurricular activities and joint projects.  For students there are special trainings, lectures from leading European and Ukrainian experts in the field of politics, economics and culture.

The main task is to create a common communicative space in the circle of Ukrainian youth, where you can share experiences, create project groups, teach other team activities, develop and implement various initiatives.

The speakers also talked about the conditions for participation in the Euro school; in order to do this, fill in the motivation letter on the website, provide information about yourself, justifying the desire to join the team of European youth initiatives, put it in English in the form of an essay, and also create a summary (watching)  a small video.

At the same time, it is important to demonstrate a high level of knowledge in a foreign language, because in the future we will have to communicate with lecturers and coaches who represent European countries.  Look for detailed information on FB: on the pages of EU Study Days in Ukraine, ZNU Lyceum or by vocation:

Myloslava Fedko paid more attention to educational projects in the framework of Erasmus + in the direction of KA1 (academic mobility). ZNU students have the opportunity to access mobility programs or get a double diploma. In order to do this, you need to apply for information to the international relations department or to the deans of their faculties

Even more offers can be found for representatives of many specialties on the project website or the Ukrainian Educational Center for Reform by vocation: http: // in particular, they talk about programs of access to European educational mobility telling participants of the Euro school.

To apply for participation in one of its sessions, follow the announcements on the indicated pages and on the website of the EU Delegation in Ukraine: and fill in the questionnaire via the link in the ad.  Participation in the Euros school is free of charge, based on a competition.






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