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ZNU is among the winners of the project of young scientists

ZNU is among the winners of the project of young scientists
13.12.2018 11:02 All Top news Молоді вчені конкурс МОН України держфінансування пропаганда суспільна свідомість протирадіаційні засоби знешкодження газових викидів в атмосферу

In 2019, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine will finance 54 new projects of young scientists from universities and research institutions. The decision was taken by the competition commission for the selection of projects, chaired by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Maksym Strikhа. For 2019, the state provides 23 million hryvnas for their implementation. It also allocated 52 million hryvnia to finance the work begun earlier by young scientists elected through the 2017 competition. The list of winning projects is published on the website of the MES of Ukraine on December 12, 2018:

Among them are two projects of Zaporizhzhia National University: “Propaganda and public consciousness in the South and East of Ukraine (1930 and the beginning of the XXI century)” (Project leader - associate professor of the Modern History of Ukraine Oleksii Shteinle) and “Rational Design S, N  modified aminothiols as potential radiation agents ”(project leader - associate professor of the Chemistry Department Maryna Kornet).

Also, the project of the Zaporizhzhia State Engineering Academy "Development of intermetallic catalysts for the neutralization of carbon-containing components of gas emissions into the atmosphere" won the project (project leader - associate professor of the Department of Treatment metals by pressure Yurii Bielokon). The selected projects will be executed within three years.

In total, 361 projects from more than 100 universities were submitted to the competition this year.  Their expertise in different sections was conducted by the Expert Council of the Ministry of Education and Science, which included experts from ZNU among them were Yurii Kahanov, Serhii Choporov, Ihor Kudinov, Olha Ishchuk, Maryna Kornet.  In order to make the assessment as objective and qualitative as possible, 5 specialists carried out the expertise for each project, and when calculating the total number of points, the lowest and highest marks were not taken into account. That is, the sum was considered as the arithmetic average of the three estimates in the range between the lowest and the highest.

According to the words of the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, chairman of the section of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Yurii Kahanov, the competition is intended as a motivational platform for young scientists who do not yet have such achievements that could compete with the work of reputable researchers. Under the terms of the competition, the project manager should be a PhD under the age of 35; a doctoral candidate or a PhD up to 40 years old, and the project's performers should include students, graduate students, research and teaching staff, and other researchers whose age at the time the project is submitted does not exceed 35 years.

As the vice-rector for scientific work Hennadii Vasylchuk notes that for the university it is important to expand the horizons of the “young science” by actively forming interdisciplinary projects and attracting the potential of all faculties. This year, the academic community of the university showed high activity, which is reflected in the significant achievements of the young scientists of our university.