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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Faculty of Foreign Philology completed the implementation of the international project “American English Laboratory”

Faculty of Foreign Philology completed the implementation of the international project “American English Laboratory”

Faculty of Foreign Philology completed the implementation of the international project “American English Laboratory”
17.12.2018 10:33 All Top news Faculties Foreign Philology Факультет іноземної філології проектна діяльність співпраця зі школами тренінг проектна діяльність

On December 14 the second part of the “MODERN APPROACHES TO TEACHING ENGLISH” seminar was held in ZNU as part of the American English Laboratory project with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine. The coaches at this event were associate professors of the Theory and Practice Department of Translation from English Svitlana Zapolskykh and Oleksandra Holovko - participants and initiator of Faculty of Foreign Philology participation in an international grant project.

The implementation of this project at the university lasted six months. During this time, the specialized interactive laboratory “American English Laboratory” was equipped, where modern interactive equipment and mobile furniture were installed, which allows modernizing the educational process and making classes more effective. In its design, they took care of every little thing in order to create a special academic atmosphere that would encourage students to do fruitful activities. For example, blinds on the windows were used to structure knowledge of spelling and grammar. In addition, this audience is used not only by representatives of the Faculty of Foreign Philology. So, students of the faculty of journalism under the guidance of associate professor Kateryna Sirinok-Dolharova in this laboratory organized webinars with representatives of foreign higher educational institutions and scientific institutions several times.

In addition, as part of this project, Oleksandra Holovko and Svitlana Zapolskykh conducted a series of trainings for school teachers of foreign languages, professors of colleges and higher educational institutions of III-IV accreditation levels.

On this day, trainers dedicated workshops to such topics as “Geographical grammar and its teaching using interactive methods” (Oleksandra Holovko) and “Vocabulary: memory tricks” (Svitlana Zapolskykh). During the classes, participants had not only a lot of useful and relevant information on how to build productive classes, secrets of pedagogy, etc., but also numerous practical exercises. Such a format, traditionally, was pleasant to all those present and helped them better consolidate knowledge at the seminar.

In summing up the seminar, it was not only about the goal that its organizers and participants set for themselves, but also about the importance of project activities in the lives of modern teachers.

Oleksandra Holovko, while addressing to the audience, noted that all the seminars conducted were devoted to one goal: to provide practical and effective advice on how to make students and schoolchildren speak in a foreign language. In this case, this result is achieved quite easily if you create an appropriate environment. This is exactly where the workshop participants got some clues.  “We are rallying you, inspiring us with knowledge, creating opportunities for starting new acquaintances, searching for friends and like-minded people. And this is an equally important part of the project,” - she noted.

In turn, Svitlana Zapolskykh noted that she and her colleague will consider their task accomplished if teachers and professors use their knowledge in practice. And thus will be able to increase the effectiveness of lessons.

In addition, during the discussion, there were those who wanted to learn more about the project activities, in particular about how difficult it is to obtain funds for the implementation of a specific project.

The trainers assured that there are many international programs now in which Ukrainian teachers can take part. Moreover, in their opinion, the representatives of Ukraine have many interesting projects, the main difficulties are in translating ideas into reality, finding a team of same-minded people, solving organizational issues, and the like. Oleksandra Holovko and Svitlana Zapolskykh mentioned that they will always be happy to help and advice those who are just starting a project activity.

In turn, the participants of the trainings sincerely thanked the organizers and assured that such cooperation with ZNU was very useful for representatives of schools and universities. They expressed the hope that similar trainings in the future will be held on the basis of the Faculty of Foreign Philology. At the end of the event, the pro-rector for scientific work Hennadii Vasylchuk presented the certificates of advanced training to the participants, thanked the participants for the fruitful cooperation with ZNU and expressed the hope that in the future Zaporizhzhia teachers and professors will be participants in numerous methodical seminars that are organised at the university.

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