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Series of trainings on project activities has completed in ZNU

Series of trainings on project activities has completed in ZNU
21.12.2018 12:20 All Top news Проектна діяльність тренінг конкурс із вдосконалення іміджевої політики факультетів на приз ректора вишу Миколи Фролова

On December 19, a final lesson was held in Zaporizhzhia National University within the framework of trainings on project activities for representatives of all faculties, colleges and Zaporizhzhia State Engineering Academy.

 The coordinator of the final part of the training is an associate professor at the Department of German Philology, a participant in many prestigious grant programs, in particular, the European Program Erasmus + in the direction of Jean Monnet “European Values in Literary Arts”, which is being successfully implemented at the university Olena Tupakhina reminded the participants that the organizers of the classes  set as a goal to help employees and student activists to correctly draw up and execute a project application for participation in the university-wide competition to improve the image policy of faculties  for the prize of the university rector Mykola Frolov.

Olena Volodymyrivna  noted that in order to participate in the competition, it is necessary to submit project applications to the project activity department (to the email address:,, until December 31. The schedule and thematic content of the trainings was designed so that participants of the competition could immediately put their knowledge into practice when developing and writing a grant application.

During the final training, it was discussed how to plan the budget in the application and how to justify it.

In addition, the training participants reviewed the typical mistakes of those who first submit a grant form and are trying to paint the budget in detail.  In addition, training participants were also advised to take into account possible additional expenses in order to show a real picture of the budget required for the project.

During the lesson, the attendees performed practical exercises; they were given a case with the data of the project that is actually operating today at ZNU and they had to fill out a budget form using its data, creating a pilot budget.

After completing the lesson, the participants thanked the organizers for their knowledge and assured that thanks to the trainings organized by the initiative of the university, they gained solid theoretical knowledge on creating a successful grant application and obtained the necessary skills.  Now it depends on the representatives of the faculty how to translate this knowledge into practice and win the competition to improve the image policy of the faculties, the prize fund of which is 90 thousand of UAH.


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