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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Famous Ukrainian journalist Vakhtang Kipiani visited ZNU

Famous Ukrainian journalist Vakhtang Kipiani visited ZNU

21.10.2008 15:29

Ex-Editor of the journal “Focus” and fiduciary of the project “Great Ukrainians” arrived to Zaporizhzhya only for one day on 21-st of October. He planned to attend the class of Khristina Demkovich – the participant of the program of Fulbright, professor of Townsend University (USA) and to meet with students of the faculty of journalism of Zaporizhzhya national university.

Vakhtang Kipiani is known as independent journalist, a man of principle. He was born in Tbilisi, studied in Mykolaev, made carrier in press, achieved not less progress on television. Vakhtang Kipiani told future journalists a lot of useful and interesting things, told about his acquaintance with Georgy Gongadze, discussed the problem of corruption in mass media.

Katerina Gopenko