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Recotov Petro Valentynovych

ZNU Professors Engineering Institute Кафедра інформаційної економіки, підприємництва та фінансів

Candidate of Law, Associate Professor


  • Intellectual Property
  • Law
  • History of Ukraine and Ukrainian Culture

Consultation Schedule

  • Tuesday 13:00-14:00,
  • Wednesday 13:00 - 14-00


Graduation Degree, Faculty of History, Zaporizhzhia State University; Zaporizhzhia Law Institute of MIA of Ukraine

Postgraduate studies (1997): National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

1998 - defended thesis for the Candidate of Law:

“Nazi occupation regime in Ukraine during 1941-1944 (historical and legal aspect)”;Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs;

1993-2010 – Zaporizhzhia Law Institute of MIA of Ukraine

2010-2013- Classical Private University, Institute of Law

Scientific work

Research interests: the current issues of theory and history of state and law

Member of state attestation commissions for entrance and final exams.

The Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee

The author of 100 scientific and methodological works.

The member of International Association of Historians of Law

Інформація надана Інженерним інститутом ЗНУ

Recotov Petro Valentynovych