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ZNU Press Centre News / News / The opening of the photo exhibition Brendan Hoffman “Brotherland: War in Ukraine” took place in ZNU

The opening of the photo exhibition Brendan Hoffman “Brotherland: War in Ukraine” took place in ZNU

The opening of the photo exhibition Brendan Hoffman “Brotherland: War in Ukraine” took place in ZNU
22.03.2019 11:47 All Top news Факультет журналістики наукова бібліотека ЗНУ фотовиставка міжнародна діяльність

The opening of the exhibition of the American documentary photographer Brendan Hoffman “Brotherland: war in Ukraine” took place in the scientific library of ZNU. The event was attended by professors and students of the Faculty of Journalism, employees of the library and other university departments, and representatives of the regional media.

The exhibition was opened by Dean of the Faculty of Journalism Volodymyr Kostiuk and Kateryna Sirinok-Dolharova, PhD Associate Professor, Vice Dean in International Affairs.

They thanked everyone who contributed to the organization of the event, and also highlighted the theme of the exhibition and presented the author of the works.

Brendan Hoffman is a young but already famous photographer in the world who carries out his activities both in the United States and abroad. In his photographs, he documents both the fateful events in the countries where he works and the daily life of people in that country. He has numerous exhibitions and his photographs were published in many American publications, such as “The New York Times”, “USA Today”, and others.

Speaking to the audience, the photojournalist said that he has been living and working in Ukraine for six years.  He witnessed events on the Maidan in Kyiv (2013-14); now he is working on a long-term project, covering the war in the east of Ukraine. Last year, he was awarded the Philip Jones Griffiths Award, and Brendan also became a scholar of the U.S. Fulbright program. The present exhibition of the author was named as “Brotherland: War in Ukraine”.  Hoffman explained that his main task as a journalist was to show the reality he saw during the war.

In the photographs which were presented at the exhibition, you can see soldiers performing their military duty, prisoners of war, children hiding from shelling, destroyed cities, mutilated military equipment after, and nearby - ordinary people living in these territories. And they all live in hope of a peaceful existence.

Some photographs have QR codes, owing to which you can view YouTube's shooting sites through a mobile application. The author also published a small magazine of photo reproduction “Ukraine during the war”, which he presented to the participants of the meeting in ZNU.

A lot of residents of many Ukrainian cities have already had the opportunity to see the exhibition of photographs by Brendan Hoffman.  Now people of our city can also visit this exhibition. During the month, it will be placed in the Scientific Library of ZNU, which is open from 8am to 5pm (Mon.-Fri.) And from 9am to 3pm (Sat.).

More information about the author can be found by the links:



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