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American Renee Hickman told students about the “Global Journalist” project and her research project in ZNU

American Renee Hickman told students about the “Global Journalist” project and her research project in ZNU
03.05.2019 11:07 All Top news Faculties Journalism Факультет журналістики міжнародна діяльність проектна діяльність проект «Медіаграмотні і розумні: співпраця молоді України і США» радіопрограма засідання круглого столу

On April 26, an American journalist, scholar of Fulbright Graduate Student Program from the University of Missouri (USA), Renee Hickman, met with students of the Faculty of Journalism during a round table meeting. She told about her research project, which she is implementing at the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU. Kateryna Sirinok-Dolharova, PhD Associate Professor, Vice Dean in International Affairs moderated and translated the speech during the meeting. 

The very first question from students was about what influenced the choice of profession, why Renée chose journalism specialty.  She noted: “Before that, I had a completely different career, worked in fundraising (I found funds for various projects), and in various public organizations ... But then I realized that I wanted to delve more into topics that interest me and cover them. That is why I chose this profession”.

During the school year, an American researcher, together with students of the Journalism Department, was engaged in the development of several journalistic projects.

According to the words of Renee, for about two months they worked with the undergraduate students on a project for the Public Radio of the state of Missouri (USA). The name of the program is “Global Journalist: Ukraine's displaced struggle amid forgotten war”, the project can be found by the link:

It was created on the basis of the radio “Universe” in the framework of the project “Media Literacy and Smart: Cooperation of Youth of Ukraine and the USA”, sponsored by the US Embassy in Ukraine.

Later, all the material was posted on the website of Missouri Public Radio and one of the most famous journalistic schools in the state of Missouri, where Renee has studied. The American audience became interested in the topic of the life of internally displaced persons and Ukraine as a whole.

When students asked what journalistic material she considered the most successful in her life, Renee said: “I don’t have a lot of publications because I’ve been involved in journalism relatively recently. The story was about shooting in America, there was a great tragedy, and I interviewed a woman who had children killed during the shooting, and she herself was injured at that time. The process of obtaining information was quite complicated, so I am proud of this material ... "

When creating a project in ZNU, Renée had to communicate with different people in order to learn more accurate information about life in the country over the past 5 years. The main barrier, according to the journalist, was speech. The dubbing process took a certain amount of time. Also, there were difficulties with accurate reproduction of noise, because during the study they collected real sound. Since this is a documentary radio project, the journalist had to ensure the effect of presence for the audience of her country.

Finally, the students asked whether the journalist plans to continue to cooperate with our university and create similar media projects. She replied: “Actually, I'm in Ukraine until the end of June.  Now one of the students of ZNU is doing interviews with participants of Fulbright program that you can join.  I am also working on a study of local journalism in Ukraine, following the regional journalists.  For example, in Odesa there are about 10 journalists with whom we actively cooperate and in the future I would like to create a documentary story similar to the one that was on the radio. ”





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