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ZNU Press Centre News / News / The Faculty of SPP has congratulated children-orphans on St. Nicholas Day

The Faculty of SPP has congratulated children-orphans on St. Nicholas Day

22.12.2008 18:00

On December, 19th students and teachers of the faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology had an opportunity to become St. Nicholas. This day students of the third and fourth year of speciality “Theatre art” have prepared charitable theatrical performance “Troubadour and his friends” for children-orphans.

“These children have the right to pleasure”, - Galyna Lokareva, the Head of Actor’s Skill department, has declared before the performance. Pupils of the regional children’s shelter, of Orikhiv shelter for minors, of Vilnyans’k boarding school, of boarding school №3 have been invited to the holiday. Except the performance students have presented children books, videocassettes with cartoons, toys. “The Troubadour and his friends” is diploma work for the fourth year students of Theatrical Department. Directors are the senior teachers Nadiya Stadnychenko and Victor Goncharov; Lilya Gryn’, Lyubiv Berkova-Zhytomyrs’ka were responsible for vocal, Iryna Lazovytska - for choreography.

Future psychologists together with representatives of the Faculty of Journalism have created posters and advertising, have carried out the press-conference for mass-media which took place directly before the beginning of the performance. By the way, kind actions have already become a tradition for the Theatrical Department. Last year students and teachers won competition of small grants for the project “Socially-psychological rehabilitation by means of theatre”. Then performances in the regional oncological center, in the regional children’s hospital have been led.

Kateryna Gopenko