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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Representatives of the Department of software of automated systems are invited to study on the educational program "Software Systems"

Representatives of the Department of software of automated systems are invited to study on the educational program "Software Systems"

Representatives of the Department of software of automated systems are invited to study on the educational program "Software Systems"
13.05.2019 10:46 All Top news Інженерний інститут ЗНУ Інженерний інститут факультет енергетики електроніки та інформаційних технологій кафедра програмного забезпечення автоматизованих систем освітня програма «Програмне забезпечення систем»

Today the profession of a programmer is considered one of the most prestigious in Ukraine and in the world. The popularity of IT technologies is evidenced by an increased competition for computer specialties in all higher educational institutions of the country.

If you want to participate in the development of computer technology, create interesting and useful programs, websites, 3D models, computer games, work as a system administrator and in the field of Internet communications, we would like to invite you to the Department of software of automated systems of the Engineering Institute of ZNU.

Depending on the level of education, the department invites applicants to get Bachelor's or Master's degrees in the educational program "System Software" (specialty 121 "Software Engineering" of the branch of knowledge 12 Information Technologies).

You can become full-time student as well as part-time one, and the education will be provided on contract terms (at the expense of individuals and legal entities) as well as at the expense of the state order. This year, the licensed volume of admission to full-time education is 55 people and 45 for part-time education.

You need to provide EIT certificates in the Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics, and in physics or a foreign language at your option. This will be the first step to your future success.

Duration of study: for full-time students - 3 years, 10 months, and for part-time students - 4 years and 10 months.

The educational and professional program includes conducting lectures and laboratory classes in professionally-oriented disciplines. Classes are held in modern classrooms equipped with computer and multimedia equipment. All practices are conducted in enterprises and organizations engaged in the development and operation of software.

The result of training for bachelor graduates will be certification in the form of public protection of qualifying work. Upon completion, you will receive an educational qualification of Bachelor of Software Engineering, which will provide you with ample employment opportunities. Students who have bachelor degree and who have scientific talent will be able to continue their studies in the magistracy on the program of the second educational level on the recommendation of the department. The licensed volume of admission to the magistracy is 20 people.

For admission to the magistracy, it is necessary to pass EIT in a foreign language and the entrance exam of the chosen specialty at the university; the period of study is 1 year and 5 months.  After successful protection, graduates are awarded an educational qualification of the Master of Software Engineering.

You can learn more about the “System Software” educational program by contacting the consulting center of Engineering Institute by the address: Zaporizhzhia, Sobornyi ave., 226, aud.  L220, phone: 227-12-35 or you can visit Enrolment Board of ZNU by the address: Zhukovskyi Str. 66-b (Academic Building 2), aud.  114, 115, telephone: 764-67-53.

The necessary information about the educational program can be found by the link:




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