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ZNU Press Centre News / News / 314 high school students passed EIT in math on the basis of ZNU

314 high school students passed EIT in math on the basis of ZNU

314 high school students passed EIT in math on the basis of ZNU
23.05.2019 10:17 All Top news Відділ доуніверситетської підготовки, профорієнтації та працевлаштування Університет відділ доуніверситетської підготовки профорієнтації та працевлаштування ЗНО профорієнтація

On May 21, Ukraine launched the main session of EIT. External independent testing in math was conducted on the basis of Zaporizhzhia National University. On this day, our university was visited by 314 people.

Halyna Mykytiv, the head of the department for pre-university training, career guidance and employment, was responsible for the testing site. The event involved 22 senior instructors, 19 instructors and 6 attendants - professors and employees of ZNU and professors of Zaporizhzhia schools.

The course of the first EIT this year was observed by an authorized person from the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Center for Educational Quality Assessment, Olena Syrovatko, and the head of the Center for Monitoring the Quality of Education in Zaporizhzhia, Roman Shumada. During the training sessions, they reminded the present of the main points in the conduct of the EIT, to which the senior instructors and instructors should pay attention.

Since ZNU is a permanent base for the main session of the EIT, as well as trainings, the entire staff had sufficient experience. That is why all worked well and smoothly, following all the rules of external independent evaluation.

In total, 19 audiences were used in Academic Building 2 for external independent testing. On the first floor, room was allocated for writing EIT to applicants who have special needs (inclusive), where they created the most comfortable conditions for them. In addition, in accordance with the procedure for writing EIT, three applicants who were in this audience provided an additional 30 minutes to complete the tasks (only 3.5 hours).

Halyna Mykytiv, responsible for the EIT site at the university, noted that this year the university will host the exam in 5 subjects: in mathematics (May 21), in the Ukrainian language and literature (May 23), in foreign language (May 28), in physics (May 30), and in the history of Ukraine (June 4). Also, there are preparatory courses which operate throughout the year on the basis of Zaporizhzhia National University thanks to which, with the assistance of experienced professors, high school students can prepare for successful completion of EIT and avoid stress while writing it.


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