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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Faculty of Foreign Philology was visited by a professor-volunteer Kiron Rid, who has been fruitfully cooperating with ZNU for a long time

Faculty of Foreign Philology was visited by a professor-volunteer Kiron Rid, who has been fruitfully cooperating with ZNU for a long time

Faculty of Foreign Philology was visited by a professor-volunteer Kiron Rid, who has been fruitfully cooperating with ZNU for a long time
24.05.2019 11:57 All Top news Faculties Foreign Philology Факультет іноземної філології викладач-волонтер носій іноземної мови

The visit of Kiron John Rid, Professor at the University of Liverpool in Zaporizhzhia National University as a professor-volunteer and guest of honor completed. For five years Mr. Rid has been fruitfully cooperating with our university and the faculties of foreign philology, journalism and the law faculty in particular. Having a legal specialty, he not only gives lectures to law students, but as a native speaker he moderates practical English lessons for students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology; he is also an active participant in conversational clubs, scientific conferences, and various student activities.

The students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology seized the opportunity to improve their communication skills in the English language and invited the distinguished guest to an interview.

- Please tell us about your first visit to Ukraine and Zaporizhzhia National University.

- I visited Ukraine for the first time in April 2014. Then I was in Zaporizhzhia as an independent observer from the OSCE during the presidential elections. I have never heard of your city, but I immediately liked it very much. That time I did not attend your university, but I worked with its graduates.  My translators, with whom I worked during the elections, studied at the Faculty of Foreign Philology of ZNU and told a lot of interesting things about the university.  Having a teaching practice at the University of Liverpool, I have always been interested in various European educational institutions. And the opportunity to cooperate with your university appeared in October 2014. I was delighted with the first lecture at the Faculty of Foreign Philology. I liked how I was accepted by administration of ZNU, students and professors.

- How often do you come to Ukraine?  What determines the duration of your visits?

- On average, I come once a year. I always wanted to visit Ukraine, I read a little about the history of the country, I am also interested in the history of Eastern Europe. I am attracted by the experience of working abroad.  Now I am in Ukraine and have three goals - have the professional work of an observer, volunteering at the university and tourism.

- With each visit, your destination does not change. Why precisely ZNU? Have you attended other educational institutions in Zaporizhzhia?

- I try to get more experience, not just to come, but to learn more about modern Ukraine.  I often visit English-Speaking Clubs in your city, which are organized by volunteers like me. I was also a guest at several schools and recently visited Zaporizhzhia Medical University.

- Did you notice any specific differences between Zaporizhzhia students and students of Liverpool? What are the quality of modern Ukrainian and modern British student?

- The style of clothes of your youth, especially girls, is very different. It seems to me that students in Ukraine are less independent than students at British universities. Your students have more study hours, it is not always convenient.  But everything changes, although it is a very slow process.

- Do you have further plans for cooperation with our university?

- I am sure that I will come back to you and look forward to continued cooperation! I talk a lot about your university and try to involve other people in cooperation and volunteer work.

- What are your associations with Ukraine?

- Very interesting question) Borsch! Of course, you have incredibly beautiful nature and scenic spots, beautiful girls and smart students. Your graduates are very dedicated to their work, they are very smart and well prepared. And I also like the fact that at the moment, Ukraine is a mixture of traditions and modern trends. It is nice to see how this Eastern European country is modernizing, developing and moving forward!



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