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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Meeting of representatives of the university administration with German and Polish facility management and energy efficiency specialists was held in ZNU

Meeting of representatives of the university administration with German and Polish facility management and energy efficiency specialists was held in ZNU

Meeting of representatives of the university administration with German and Polish facility management and energy efficiency specialists was held in ZNU
31.05.2019 12:43 All Top news Енергозберігаючі технології німецька делегація

On May 29, within the framework of cooperation in the field of energy efficiency, a working meeting was held in ZNU between university administration, scientists of ZNU and Engineering Institute, Zaporizhzhia officials and foreign guests - representatives of German and Polish universities.

So, the event was attended by: Bondar Oleksandr Hryhorovych - first Vice-Rector of ZNU, Kushnir Serhii Mykolaiovych - Vice-Rector for management of ZNU, Vasylchuk Hennadii Mykolaiovych - Vice-Rector for scientific work of ZNU, Klemens Vestermann - Vice President of the Saxony-Anhalt Chamber of Engineers (Germany), Volfhanh Shmal - Director of the Institute of Facility Management in Berlin (Germany), Kshyshtof Herlikh - Professor of the University of Krakow (Poland), Bondarenko Viktor Volodymyrovych - Head of the Energy Management Department of Economic Development of Zaporizhzhia City Council, Volkov Volodymyr Petrovych - Head of the Laboratory "Earth Sciences" of ZNU, Horoshkova Lidiia Anatoliivna - science researcher of Laboratory of "Earth Sciences" of ZNU, Bashtanyk Oleh Ivanovych - junior researcher of Laboratory “Earth Sciences” of ZNU, Rylskyi Oleksandr Fedorovych - Head of the Department of General and Applied Ecology and Zoology of ZNU, Ilin Serhii Vitaliiovych - Head of the Center for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment “Struktura”, Chernenko Tetiana Viacheslavivna - Head of the Laboratory of Energy Efficient Technologies of ZNU.

The honored guests met with the university administration and scientists and discussed the possibilities of cooperation, internships and gaining practical experience in priority issues of energy conservation.  Oleksandr Bondar told about the introduction of the automatic energy saving system at the university, which has been functioning for 10 years and allows saving about 60% of the financial cost of energy saving. It should be noted that the university has three research centers that are engaged in the study of energy efficiency and energy conservation. 

During the meeting, Oleksandr Bondar mentioned the importance of establishing mutual relations between the university and specialists in the field of facility management and energy efficiency.

According to representatives of the administration of ZNU, the development and strengthening of multi-vector international relations, increasing academic mobility, using the experience of foreign leading higher educational, scientific and research institutions are today priorities for Zaporizhzhia National University. And in this sense, the university actively cooperates with scholars at different levels on the development of the energy saving system. It should be also mentioned that such meetings also contribute to the expansion of contacts, meetings, exchange of experience and the establishment of professional scientific contacts.

During this visit to ZNU, the guests discussed development strategies, prospects and new opportunities for further cooperation in the scientific field, in the field of energy saving and facility management, as well as practical steps in the framework of such interaction. So, Volodymyr Volkov noted the fruitful cooperation with the German side, in particular with the Institute of Facility Management for 15 years and the cooperation of scientists of the laboratory "Earth Sciences" with the Chamber of Engineering and the municipality of Magdeburg for 3 years.

In addition, Serhii Kushnir told the guests about the possibilities of the energy saving laboratory, heat point and workshop for the production of metal-plastic windows. Representatives of ZNU and Engineering Institute noted that they are interested in the development of international partnership in the engineering industry, in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency and training of relevant specialists.  For its part, the university will provide full support in this direction.  In memory of the visit to ZNU, the guests were awarded a commemorative book on the centenary history of the university. Furthermore, there was tour of the introduction for the guests of the energy efficiency system and energy-saving technologies at the university. The subject of discussion during the tour was primarily the applied aspects of improving energy efficiency: energy-efficient materials, technologies, equipment, electricity metering devices and the experience of ZNU in the use of energy-saving technologies. In particular, the guests were presented with their own technical developments and the main areas of work of the energy saving laboratory, including: energy audit, heating system management, hot water heating, around-the-clock temperature adjustment in rooms using a smartphone, etc. Also, in the laboratory, scientists began to work on the use of solar energy in schools.

According to the words of Volodymyr Volkov, research laboratory of ZNU, which deals with energy saving problems, works not only for the university, its achievements can be used at other levels.

At the end of this meeting, the delegation members expressed interest in the effective work of the university in the field of energy saving and in further cooperation with our educational institution in the field of energy saving.