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Priorities and prospects of Zaporizhzhya region development in sight of politicians and scientists

16.01.2009 12:29

The international scientifical and practical conference “Zaporizhzhya - the past and the present. Prospects and priorities of development” became the next step on realization of actions in honour of the 70th anniversary of Zaporizhzhya region. Its organizers are Zaporizhzhya regional administration, Zaporizhzhya regional council, Zaporizhzhya town’s council and Zaporizhzhya National University, The anniversary of the region is a remarkable occasion not only to recollect its achievements, but also to outline perspective ways of the next development of our region.

More than three hundred scientists (from venerable scientists up to those who do first steps on a way to scientific career) wanted to take part in this conference. Application forms for participation in it were given by teachers, post-graduate students and students not only from Ukraine, but also from Russia, Belarus and Poland.

During opening of the international conference the Rector of Zaporizhzhya National University, Professor Sergiy Tymchenko has noted, that ZNU became the base for carrying out this action not by chance. In fact our high school is actually the coeval of the region.

Scientists of ZNU at active support of representatives of regional and town authority have already taken part in several projects that promotes popularization of history of our region. Among them are the expeditions directed on gathering the records of oral history which often essentially differs from official. Work on preparation of the unique project for our region - edition “Outstanding people of Zaporizhzhya” is lasting at the moment. For this book scientists have collected information almost about three thousand of our countrymen which glorified not only the region, but also all Ukraine in spheres of policy, art, sports and other, not less important branches of public life.

Anniversary of Zaporizhzhya region has not remained aside of our government’s attention. Mykola Frolov, the assistant to the head of Zaporizhzhya regional administration, has read to the present the reference of the President of Ukraine to inhabitants of Zaporizhzhya region where it was marked, that our land “takes an especial place in development of Ukraine” and has become famous not only of military valour, but also significant cultural and economic achievements. Fluently having mentioned the basic historical marks of development of Zaporizhzhya region since 1939, Mykola Oleksandrovych has stopped on modern position of the region. The vice-president of Zaporizhzhya regional council Anatoly Svitlytsky has acquainted the present with Volodymyr Lytvyn’s, the head of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine, greeting.

The report of the secretary of Zaporizhzhya town’s council Juriya Kaptyukha on problems and prospects of social and economic development of Zaporizhzhya caused great interest among gathered. After the end of the report there was a small discussion between participants of plenary session as for modern economic situation of the region.

After plenary session the work was in sections: history, study of local lore and preservation of a heritage; definition of Zaporizhzhya place in modern different spaces; disclosing of economic potential of the region; coverage of social problematic on the example of demography, sociology, interethnic relations. Separate section session has been devoted to the problem of ecology and health of the population of the region.

All theses of scientific reports will be included into professional collections.

Tamila Tarasenko