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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Cisco Academy of the Engineering Institute of ZNU celebrates its 15th anniversary

Cisco Academy of the Engineering Institute of ZNU celebrates its 15th anniversary

Cisco Academy of the Engineering Institute of ZNU celebrates its 15th anniversary
27.06.2019 11:09 All Top news Інженерний інститут ЗНУ Академія Cisco Інженерний інститут Факультет енергетики електроніки та інформаційних технологій Кафедра програмного забезпечення автоматизованих систем Інженерія програмного забезпечення Кібербезпека Інтернет-речі

Cisco Academy, which operates on the basis of the Engineering Institute of Zaporizhzhia National University, celebrates its 15th anniversary.  During this time, much has been done, and it all started with a CCNA course for students of the specialty "Software Engineering".  The opportunity to learn how to organize computer networks using the same methods as students from all over the world interested young people, and every year there were more and more students, and the number of courses was constantly growing.

The methods of mastering new courses are improved every single year. There was an opportunity to study materials from mobile devices, laboratory work on affordable equipment began to be widely practiced, and there was also gamification of the educational process.

In particular, in this academic year, after the courses on computer networks, second-year students tested their knowledge while playing the “EscapeRoute” game.  In order to find a way out, they had to apply all the knowledge and skills they gained during their studies. The 4th year students demonstrated a high level of training, investigating real cyber-security incidents using the tools of CyberOps experts.

For 15 years, students at Cisco Academy not only gained knowledge and skills, but also became more confident in their abilities. Certificates for the successful completion of each course were a nice addition. This year, 5 students of the 2nd year of the specialty "Software Engineering" got the opportunity to pass free of charge industrial certification ICND1 in the test center.  Free student vouchers are a reward that Cisco Academy has received for good teaching.

The program of Cisco Academies has opened new horizons not only for students, but also for professors of Engineering Institute. The received grants from NATO in 2010, the Silicon Valley Community SVCF in 2017 allowed not only to acquire the necessary equipment for work, but also to gain vast experience in various fields of programming.

Cisco Academy of Instructors Training Center opened in 2013 where hundreds of computer science professors from the southern part of Ukraine were able to upgrade their skills, thanks to which they were able to start teaching modern courses to students.

Since 2014, active volunteer work has been carried out on training computer networks for military personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces communications troops. The army is developing new approaches to building networks of modern equipment along with the Cisco Academy Program.

This year, fruitful work on training young people in the development of the digital economy of Ukraine and the world was marked by awards: Premier + received the status of the Support Center for Cisco Academies and Premier status - the Instructor Training Center. And this means that the Cisco Academy of Engineering Institute of ZNU entered the top 5 percent in the world.

Our Cisco Academy employs qualified instructors. In particular, Nataliia Poliakova, associate professor of the Department of Software systems, which since 2014 is annually recognized as an instructor of the TOP 10 percent of the world's best instructors - Cisco Academy Expert Level Instructor.

15 years of successful work behind, new horizons in IT education ahead.  Build your IT future with the Cisco Academy Program!