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Androsova Olena

ZNU Professors Faculty of Economics Department of staff and marketing management

Doctor of Economics, Professor of Finance, Banking and Insurance

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  • Thursday 13.00-14.00, room 117, campus 5


  • Financial market corporations
  • Financial market
  • Analysis of financial and business activities
  • International market segmentation
  • Document flow s in the Personnel Management System
  • Public relations



Androsova O.F. graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk Civil Engineering Institute, received a diploma of an engineer-teacher of civil engineering (Dnipropetrovsk), She graduated from Zaporizhia State Technical University, Faculty of Postgraduate Education, received a degree in engineering and economics (Zaporozhye).

Androsova O.F.  defended her dissertation on the specialty "Economics, organization and management of enterprises" (Kyiv).

PhD Diploma of Doctor of Philosophy.

Androsova O.F.  defended her doctoral dissertation in Economics and Business Administration (by type of economic activity).

Androsova O.F.  was awarded the academic title of associate professor in December 2008, was elected Corresponding Member of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, majoring in Finance in May 2010; was elected Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, majoring in "Finance" in July 2020.

Professor of Finance, Banking and Insurance since October 2020.

Advanced training and internship:

  1. Prague Institute for Advanced Training 20.11 to 27 11.2016
  2. Zaporizhzhya National University, November 14 to December 15, 2017.
  3. PJSC "Zaporizhiabrazyv". 06.09.21-07.10.21.
  4. University of Management, Varna, Bulgaria. 26.07.2021 -27.08. 2021


Scientific work

In order to improve the teaching of disciplines, 1 textbook with the Ministry of Education and Science stamp was prepared for publication and co-authored: “Banking Operations” (2006) and the textbook “Project Financing” (2015), as well as 50 methodical publications on the disciplines taught.

Since 1995, 1 joint monograph has been published: "Technology transfer as a tool for implementing innovative activities" (2006);  one individual monograph "Strategy for the formation of an effective corporate culture of mechanical engineering enterprises: theory and practice in a changing environment" (2019). Androsova O.F.  took part in 20 collective monographs of Ukraine and abroad, published more than 150 articles in scientific journals; took part in 75 scientific International and All-Ukrainian conferences.

Androsova O.F. published more than 50 scientific papers with students and  has the copyright to the textbook "Banking Operations" 2018.

Main features:

  • Diploma of the Zaporizhia Regional Council (2006).

ORCID 0000-0002-2727-2474


Інформація надана економічним факультетом

Androsova Olena