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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Representatives of the Faculty of Foreign Philology visited Germany within the "Erasmus+" "Multied" project

Representatives of the Faculty of Foreign Philology visited Germany within the "Erasmus+" "Multied" project

Representatives of the Faculty of Foreign Philology visited Germany within the "Erasmus+" "Multied" project
16.11.2022 14:32 All Top news Faculties Foreign Philology MultiEd ZNU Zaporizhzhia National University)

From November 7 to 11 representatives of the consortium from the University of Heidelberg: Ph.D., Professor Hans-Werner Hüneke, Ph.D., Professor Yuta Remarczyk, and Imola Czolbe organized a study visit to Heidelberg, Germany for all partners of the MultiEd team. The trip was organized with the support of Tartu University project managers Oleksandra Golovko and Christian Klauks.


The participants from ZNU this time were Kateryna Vasylyna, deputy dean for academic work, Svitlana Zapolskykh, head of the Department of Theory and Practice of English Translation, Tetyana Kozlova, professor of the Department of English Philology and Linguodidactics.

The suggested program included both basic theoretical blocks related to the historical traditions of learning and teaching in Germany, the methodology and methodology of multilingual education, aspects of structuring the internship of future teachers, evaluating their practical skills and practical activities related to the implementation of pedagogical practice, realization of the principles of multilingual education in Ukraine.

Professor Hans-Werner Hüneke, as the former rector of Heidelberg University, shared his knowledge and experience in this field, organized a discussion of problematic issues related to those that also concern specialists in Ukraine.

Consortium participants were invited to analyze the process of students' pedagogical internship in three stages: evaluate the lesson plan, see the lessons, and participate in the discussion of the results. Teachers had the opportunity to attend classes in fine arts, physical culture, mathematics, political science, history, and geography, given by student-practitioners on integrated subject and language learning for junior and middle school students.

Our teachers noted the high level of English language proficiency of the students, the creative approach of student-interns to conducting classes, the dynamism of conducting classes and the rapid change of types of activities. Students-interns held classes together, that is, there were always 2-3 teachers per group of students, which ensured mutual support and control. The interns tried to strictly follow the lesson plan, but in cases when there was not enough time to complete all the exercises, they solved problems creatively - they moved on to reflection and planning the next lesson.

The representatives of the center of inclusive education “Annelie-Wellensiek-Zentrum für Inklusive Bildung” shared their achievements with the partners of the "MultiEd" team, demonstrated the results of their work and outlined the prospects of the activity.

The organizers of the study visit also gave the partners the opportunity to see the cultural sights of the city - the students prepared information about the history of the city for the teachers-guests and accompanied them during the tour. The students actively communicated with the teachers, told their parents about the Ukrainians. The next day the parents expressed their gratitude to the teachers, who proposed and implemented the event.

The representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Oleksandra Laktionova and Vitalii Nosok familiarized the consortium with statistics related to the current situation of the war in Ukraine. There are the temporary loss of a large number of specialists because of emigration and the need to solve current problems. They promised to contribute in every possible way to the implementation of the project results.

In Germany, the partners gained important experience and agreed on the prospects for its implementation. All partners expressed gratitude for the warm reception and effectiveness of the visit, as well as the general gratitude of the people and government of Germany for supporting Ukraine in such difficult times of the struggle against Russian aggression.


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