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MultiEd Online Training Seminars for Educators

MultiEd Online Training Seminars for Educators
04.07.2023 13:30 All Top news Faculties Journalism MultiEd ZNU Zaporizhzhia National University ЗНУ Запорізький національний університет засідання атестаційної комісії Відокремлений структурний підрозділ Фаховий коледж бізнесу харчових технологій

Online training seminars were held for three weeks from June 12 to June 29, 2023 under the auspices of the “MultiEd” project “Foreign Language Teacher Training Capacity Development as a Way to Ukraine’s Multilingual Education and European Integration” of the Erasmus+ KA2 program. The webinars were held in Ukrainian, examples were given from other languages.


The speakers were members of the teams of Ukrainian universities of Zaporizhzhia National University, Mykolaiv National University named after V. O. Sukhomlynskyi, Cherkasy National University named after Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, Poltava National Pedagogical University, Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages of the state institution of higher education “Donbas State Pedagogical University”, Kharkiv National University named after V. N. Karazin, Ternopil National Pedagogical University named after Volodymyr Hnatyuk and Prykarpattia National University named after Vasyl Stefanyk, members of the All-Ukrainian Association of English Language Teachers “TESOL – Ukraine”.

The topics of the workshops were as follows: Development of educational programs and new courses, Formation of students' skills and competencies for future success, Modern trends in foreign language learning, The concept of multilingual education, Media literacy, Digital literacy, Blended learning practices. The topics were consistent with the project's objectives and corresponded to the current situation.

Zaporizhzhia National University educators conducted four webinars. On June 19, the workshop “CLIL and Reading strategies” was held by the head of the English Philology and Linguodidactics, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Natalya Nadtochii. The main attention was focused on the specifics of the formation of skills and competences for future success, in particular, on the integrated learning of the subject and language and reading strategies: the approaches to the formation of reading skills were revealed, its elements, types and strategies of reading, types of tasks offered to students for the formation of skills were presented.

Svitlana Zapolskikh, head of the Theory and Practice of Translation Studies Chair, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor, conducted the workshop “Electronic course “CLIL Methodology”: interior and exterior insights” on June 21. The webinar described the stages of development and implementation of the online course “CLIL Methodology”, its content and structural elements, analyzed the views of the developers and the results of the approbation by the participants, and evaluation of the course based on feedback, formulated the prospects of its application in the process of improving the qualifications of teachers in the future.

On June 26, the webinar “Adaptation of educational programs to Ukrainian realities” was held by the Head of the Second Foreign Language Teaching Chair, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, Olga Kanibolotska, and assistant professor of the Second Foreign Language Teaching Chair, candidate of pedagogical sciences, Hanna Vanina. The main focus of the speakers was on the features of updating the foreign language teacher training programs, their development in accordance with the requirements and standards of the European Union, taking into account the best national and institutional practices, supplementing the programs with newly developed courses.

Tetyana Kozlova, doctor of philological sciences, professor of English Philology and Linguodidactics Chair held the workshop “Multilingual education: new trends, difficulties and challenges” on June 29. The factors that determine the need for multilingual education in modern society, the issue of the language of international communication, its functions, problems of multimodality and the latest approaches to learning and teaching were presented.

During the seminar webinars, the speakers used interactive whiteboards and online services for instant surveys, which stimulated the activity of the participants; in general, each speaker reached an audience of more than 60 people. All trainees will receive certificates for improving English language skills from the All-Ukrainian Association of English Language Teachers “TESOL – Ukraine”.

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