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Presentation of the project "Ukraine: history of great people" in ZNU

30.03.2009 10:12

For presentation of the patriotic national project "Ukraine: history of the great nation" its organizers came to our university from Kiev. The project exists two years during which the series of books in history has been published.

The project was represented by its co-author Volodymyr Zubanov, the president of Welfare fund "East - West together", the People's Deputy of Ukraine of 4-5 convocations, and also Olga Grygorjeva, the editor-in-chief of the edition "Ukraine: chronology of development" and Myhylo Vydejko, the author of the series of editions "Ukraine: from Trypillya up to the present". Within the limits of this project series of books in history of cities, the anthology of the Ukrainian poetry "Ukraine: poetry of millennium" and series of historical multivolume popular scientific editions: "Ukraine: chronology of development" (6 volumes), "Ukraine - the Europe: chronology of development" (6 volumes), "Ukraine: from Trypillya up to the present" were published. For the edition of these books the best experts-historians were involved, and 20-30 % of the illustrations in general were published for the first time.

Students and teachers of ZNU have the opportunity see this edition - organizers of the project have presented to our Scientific library 2 volumes of the book "Ukraine: poetry of millennium ".

Mykola Zhyrivsky