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Scientists of ZNU investigate own scientific potential

14.05.2009 14:42

In ZNU all Ukrainian scientific conference "Scientific potential of Zaporizhzhya National University and ways of its development" has started. Carrying out of this traditional for our high school action was dated for Day of science. At the same time, it is a good opportunity for all faculties to show the achievements in scientific sphere.

Before the beginning of the conference present could get acquainted with achievements of representatives of all faculties. The stuff of ZNU scientific library organized the thematic exhibition. Plenary session was begun by congratulation of all present with their professional holiday - on Saturday the Day of science is officially celebrated in Ukraine.

Rector of ZNU, professor Sergy Tymchenko noted, that today our university has worthy scientific parameters.

Thus the rector also mentioned about some problems. In particular, about the scientific programs which have insufficient state financing. The main achievement of our university is that among student's youth interest to science increased, among students of ZNU scientific activity is considered prestigious.

The reports which sounded during plenary session, differed by greater thematic variety. So, the Dean of the Faculty of Journalism professor Volodymyr Manakin, addressed to the unusual side of studying language. He considered it as a power phenomenon. The professor of the economic theory and business department Anatoly Dergal opened before the audience transformational features of modern inflation and outlined ways of its overcoming. Professor Jury Zatsny, the head of the theory and practice of translation department spoke about globalization in English.

Section sessions are in 12 directions. Summarizing of the work of all Ukrainian conference will takes place on May, 15th during the expanded session of scientific and technical board of ZNU. Then they will note the most active participants.

Tamila Tarasenko