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Students of ZNU memorialed victims of political reprisals

20.05.2009 14:55 мітинг жалоби

On May, 17th near the memorable sign to innocently stirred up memorial service passed. Representatives of Zaporizhzhya National University and other high schools, the head of regional administration Olexandr Starukh, the secretary of the Town Rada Jury Kaptyukh, representatives of political movements and public organizations, clergy took part in the action.

According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine since 2007 each third Sunday of May is the remembering of victims of mass political reprisals. By estimations of historians for the period 1937-39 in the USSR about 500 thousand people were abolished and more than 6 million people were sent to concentration camps. It were people of different nationalities, creeds and party membership.

The head of the regional administration in his speech mentioned the theme of memory of political reprisals victims, and also the thorny subject of the Crimean Tatars eviction from the territory of Ukraine.

Priests of the Ukrainian churches served requiem on innocent killed. Participants of the meeting honoured the memory of victims with minute of silence, put flowers to the memorable sign.

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