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ZNU Scientists Looked for Ways of Regional Economiс Stabilization

23.09.2010 17:35

The round table discussion devoted to the Economic Department Week took place on the September 23rd. The discussion's topic was Innovative Investing Activities as a Factor of the Stabilization of the Regional and State Economic.

The honored guests, economic experts visited the event. Among them were the German Professor, Facility management Head Wolfgang Shmal, business trainer, consultant in stable development Nataliya Olejnikova, Chair Executive of Honda Company Oleh Chaika, Chair in Finance Cpetsremstroyservis Olga Golubeva, Co-Founder of the Arsenal real estate company Yurii Metryk, Head of Zaporizhzhya regional ofice of the Pension Fund Olexandr Lepyokhin. There were also the Zaporizhzhya National University and Classical Private University, the students of both schools.

Olexandr Lepyokhin pointed at the problem of the low level of the amount of the state enterprises - under stated 20%.

The guests also expressed their worries about the perspectives of investing to the Zaporizhzhya economy. That is why the round table participants prepared the list of their propositions to the Parliament and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.